Meetups HELP

Mind hive, any help please?, I used meetup Thursday morning with 2 of us. Rubber band didn’t keep us together. Both on road bikes (not tt), and both had latest software, but we could easily fall 20-30s behind each other at times when power was different …… Any advice please. Thanks

I’m pretty sure Gp Llama(Shane Miller) said that the new update has improved rubber banding. Doesn’t change what already happened, but might help on a future meetup. :person_shrugging:

Hi @byron_thomas Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. We’re always striving to improve, and we’ve just rolled out a new update globally, the ‘Keep Everyone Together’ was one of the many features we enhanced!

If you’d like steps to do an update, we prepared an article for it. Here’s to smoother rides and better experiences with your friends in your next meetup! Ride on.