Meet up issues

The last two times I joined a meet up with friends, both me and some of the other riders experienced major issues.
-We seem all to ride next to each other, not drafting, for the entire ride.
-I had issues going downhill not getting pace higher as 55 km/h even at -12% and full pedalling.
-Sometimes the other riders disappear for up to 1 minute.
-The displayed times show we are 4-6 seconds apart, but we are still riding next to each other.
-Sprint and KOM Rankings for the meet-up only includes myself and not the rest of the group.

You’ve got a number of problems here, let’s take them one at a time.

You mean you were side by side? Or something else? Which trainer are you using?

Was this is a Keep Together meetup?

This is your Zwift client losing connection to Zwift’s servers. This could be a Zwift server glitch, but more likely it’s something at your end, e.g. patchy wifi, or your router having a problem. Zwift doesn’t need an internet connection during the ride to display the scenery etc, but it does need it to show other riders.

This is a long-standing issue with the gaps not being accurate. I think it tends to be worse in Meetups.

This is a relatively new known bug. There have been various issues with the leaderboards, and Zwift seem to have fixed some of the issues but introduced this new one. In a Meetup, the leaderboards should show those people on the Meetup and no-one else.

A lot of these issues sound like the meetup was banded (keep everyone together).

Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying. Here are my extra info:

It was a keep together meetup and we only experienced the problems after reaching 2022. I ride in my Tacx Neo T2.

When I say we ride side by side I mean shoulder by shoulder, so the opposite of drafting.

I don’t think the problem with my co riders disappearing is at my end, since I never experienced the problem before and my co riders experienced the same.

We never had problems with showing time gaps between riders before and normally the leaderboards include all riders in the group, but not now.

So all together a lot of issues in the same Meetup, that we haven’t experienced before. Do you know if that’s a new Zwift bug for meet-ups?


It sounds like your riders disappearing thing was a server glitch. Sometimes there can be a particular point on a route that seems prone to this.

I used to do loads of Keep Together meetups but haven’t done any for some time. So I’ll leave others to comment on the other issues.