Meetups not working

I tried using the meetup feature, so that my mother in law could ride with me. Unfortunately even though she accepted the invite, selected join event, and it placing her next to me at the start. She was not placed in the meetup, no count down, no meetup messaging, she couldn’t see my leader marker, and she didn’t show up on my ride list. We also couldn’t ride together.

I had a similar experience a few weeks ago when a group of friends tried to have a Zwift meetup.

I have a weekly meet-up with about 15-20 people and it seems that every week, one or two will accept the invite (and it shows as being accepted) and

  1. Not get beamed over to the meetup course (not receiving the final join notice), or
  2. Accept the final join notice, arrive there, only to be dropped before the countdown completes.
    Three weeks in a row!

How did it get resolved Zwift? It just happened to me

I have same problem 3 times this week. When the meetup start, I’m kick out.

It happened again earlier this week when there were a lot of zwifters on. It seems to fail for me when there are more than ~7,000 zwifters on at ounce. So maybe a server load issue? I imagine that’ll it’ll happen a lot with the quarantines in effect.

I had same problem Wed morning Australia time. The New York course was really busy. I was the organiser and hit the join button but never entered the meetup. Same thing happened to others. I then set up a second meetup 15 mins later - same issue. A

Adding myself as another who has experienced a similar Meetup failure.

My experience (13 April 2020)

  • I was left at the Meetup start despite joining it (after joining, warming up on virtual turbo trainer during timer countdown)
  • I was unable to Ride with the riders (after exiting the Meetup to be able to begin riding). They didn’t appear as riders Zwifting now
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@Phil_Wingard , did you ever find out what was causing it??.. Had a rider with the exact same issue.

Same problem here - only worked twice out of the last six times that I tried it. Running all the latest software and firmwsre, still no luck.

No response from Zwift. Still a problem, though I’ve been fortunate recently. A fellow rider on a Friday Meetup this week had this same experience.

@Phil_Wingard, I have emailed Zwift too… thank you for getting back to me. Wondering what it could be…

I emailed them a week a go and never received a response so it may take a while. Last night I thought this must have just been me, I created a meetup and didnt get the join notice. Then I tied another couple and still no join notice. One of the other riders created one and we eventually did get that notice but it took us to the wrong course :smile: . I would love to know if this is just a glitch when a lot of people are Zwifting or the meetup is just an unreliable option.

Happened to me today no pop up as usual to join meetup when I logged in and no other way to join other than ride the same route, also joined a meetup on a previous occasion but sent me in wrong direction to others. Some definite bugs in the system.

Same again here, 2 mornings in a row. Says joined meetup on screen etc, on side of road but not showing others.

Same issue, weekly meetup with my racing club. Last week nearly 20 seconds delay after everyone else had left - but the keep together pulled me back in. This week, no keep together race from the get go, again everyone else left and was out of sight before I started moving off.

In the meetup and spinning prior to the start time, just no move when everyone else moved.

Pretty frustrating, nothing I can find other than this thread which has no solutions.

I’ll try support and post back here if anything fixes it or explains it.

I help in a kids Cycling Club and because of the Current restrictions, we have been running a weekly Zwift meet-up so they can ride together. Unfortunately, we always lose a some riders at the start for no apparent reason. This morning we lost 3. I think the kids will become disheartened if this continues.