Not able to start the meetup

Multiple times I was invited at a meetup w friends. I accept, then join the meetup, see all the participants and the count down, but when it starts I stay still, not able to ride.
Any ideas? Very frustrating

I experienced the same bug on 13 April 2020 (joined Meetup, warming up on turbo trainer at start area during countdown, couldn’t ride with group when countdown reached zero and rest of riders started riding)

You might try adding to this similar thread that has several users with similar Meetup experiences.
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I had exactly the issue tonight. I can not understand what happened and why.

Have you had any response to your post?

Not yet unfortunately and it seems to happen randomly in our group and not always for the same member… but very frequently which is frustrating !


No Zwift response.

I believe our experiences are due to heavier than normal Zwift use. This morning (15 April 2020) I had no glitches in the Meetup ride I joined.

Good luck

I just got done with a meetup that someone else organized, no issues. I accepted the invite a few hours ago, hopped on Zwift 5 minutes before it was to start and immediately got the join prompt.

I think the sequence of accepting via companion app prior to starting Zwift is the key here. Not sure, just speculation.

Doesn’t change anything for me unfortunately. And in one case that was the meetUp organizer who could not start…

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yep exactly my issue, all the time at the moment


What a disappointment today. Our national cycling federation organized a meetup (invites only) with country’s best riders (pros and non-pros). Planned my day around the event, payed for the subscription (my last Zwift ride was way back in beta days) just to remain at the start line on a warmup trainer, while everyone else just rode away, leaving me all stressed out not knowing what to do, as this was my first meetup ever and I thought I was doing something wrong. Tried to spin up, stop completely, spin up again, but nothing helped. So I had to exit the meetup. Immediately after that I joined the closest public meetup to see if the same thing happens, but everything went fine this time.
So yeah, not a great first experience.

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are you still having problems? My merry little band of riders are. Now it’s more complicated because of the banding (or lack there of) issue. sometimes they “ghost” us when they can’t get into the ride. we can watch them & takes pic to show they were there. Even caught one in our midst giving a rider the elbow - grin. We make do with what we got because we can

Happened to me today BMCR race all lined up, everyone else left start line, I was left pedalling stationary on the line. Anyone have any solutions to this problem?

Some trainers can go to sleep while you’re waiting to start, if you’re not pedalling. And then it loses the pairing so what you describe happens. Could that have been it?

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply.
I was definitely pedaling, slowly increasing revs waiting for the start.

Just happened to me dec 5. I was pedalling but left at the start line