Bug with group meetup / banding in rides

Just did a meetup / banded ride on Zwift for the first time. Zwift quickly pinned our speed at 29mph for virtually the whole thing. Apparently, this happens to lots of people, and has been for over a year – for instance, check out the Volcano KOM segment on Strava. We got a KOM today with a 4:52 (28.8mph!!) climb, which 14 other people have also recorded! And another 300+ are at 4:43 or 4:54, and hundreds more with similarly impossible times one or two more seconds later.

Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s messing up workout stats and Strava KOMs, so hopefully Zwift can figure out what it is.

Yep, unfortunately this bug has been around for a looooong time. I’m pretty sure that Zwift daren’t try to fix it due to that particular code being an even bigger mess than normal.

We’re trialling improvements to rubber banding currently.


Thanks very much, James