Meetup-only view not private

Our club rides have now several times encountered the issue of meetup-only events not being private. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, have you found any pattern regarding creator app OS etc or is this one of those “server side uh-oh:s”?

We never completed the rides once outsiders were seen after the start but is there a possibility they will disappear or is some sort of binary flag that doesn’t flip once it goes wrong?

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This happened this morning to one of my Meetups, in Yorkshire. The other Meetup in France was fine.

I’ve seen this from time to time and I just think it’s a server glitch. Though for it to happen twice within a week is slightly concerning (it happened the other day too?.

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I’ve seen this as well two weeks ago or so, I didn’t create the meetup, but the person who did set it up for private and everyone else could be seen in Watopia. I haven’t joined another private meetup since that happened to know if it is continuing.

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Oh, and to answer the other question, no, once the meetup starts and you can see other riders then you’re stuck with it.

The last couple of times this has happened, late joiners weren’t placed with the main group, unlike normal behaviour for late joiners.

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It gets really hard to do with target W/kg per lap, lead-ins to sprints etc if there are outsiders going through the group

I organise four meet-ups a week for our club and always make them private. This week two of them have started as public then flipped between being public and private. Tonight’s London race was one of those and made it very confusing for some. Very much looking forward to getting proper club functionality from Zwift.

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