CLUB event ride on public map

An Option to make Club Event group ride available on normal public map. This may be usefull for small clubs - otherwise riding wit 5 People on empty watopia seems to be a bit lame :wink:

That sounds like a good idea.

A couple years ago when the platform was quieter you used to see the public group rides on the map with hundreds of riders all kitted out riding around. A bit like how you get the huge pace partner groups now.

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Definitely voting this up. One of the reasons our club has been using meetups instead of Club events (other than Keep Together not being a thing for Clubs, sad emoji) is that we don’t often want to feel like we’re riding through the post-apocalypse. This is a selectable option for meetups, should be for club events as well.

This is exactly what I was after too… I wish there was an option to make all world riders visible or visible by default. Riding with 2 or three people in an empty world just doesn’t work for us.