Group Ride Leader Issues

Hi I’ve just set up my first group ride Group. I followed all the prompts but when I started the group ride apart from anyone that had signed up to be in the ride I couldn’t see any other Zwifters on the same world as I was on? Have I missed something? A tick box etc? Seems strange as when I join a Zwift Group ride I see all other Zwifters on that world as well as the group I’m riding with.
Any help would be nice
Big H

Not seeing riders who haven’t joined the event is the normal way that group rides work. I don’t have an explanation for why you would ever see riders who aren’t in the event, unless it was a meetup and not a group ride.

In theory, I guess an organizer can somehow set preference to see all riders, not just event riders. But, there are very few events listed this way according to ZHacks

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Oh, I do remember this being the case and confirmed. For whatever reason, all of the Shayne Gaffney group Workouts have all riders visible.

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Thanks for your reply and link I’ll take a look. Just seems strange to me that you wouldn’t ride with all Zwifters in the same world? But also while on the ride today I was getting ride On’s while riding from people I don’t know, so could they see me ???

The Robopacer rides are really free rides, and you can see everyone on those.

For events, I assume the rationale is that random other riders can cause confusion and event riders could end up following someone who’s not part of the group ride. Or one faster group coming up and through another group could introduce all sorts of chaos, etc.

To your last point, I think I have done a club ride, where what you describe happens, and you get some rideons from invisible other riders who must be nearby and sending out ride-on bombs (which go to everyone within a certain vicinity of the sender).

How strange almost like riding in an altered world with ghost riders all around lol

Thank for the replies everyone

What do you mean by this? Do you mean you created a meetup using the Companion app, a Club event using the Companion app or was it one of the general group rides which Zwift creates?

Meetups has the option to see other riders in the world who are not part of your meetup. As far as I know Club events are all other riders are hidden (there is no option to see other riders in the world who are not part of your event). Zwift created events can be set to either see or not see other riders in the world.

Hi ok.
Think I’ve used wrong terminology then. I set up my own club. So reading your reply it means we won’t see any other Zwifters in the world we are riding in.
Ok if that’s the way it works that’s the way it works. Thanks for the reply.

To get Ride Ons from other riders not in the group ride ist normal. Mostly those Ride Ons come from riders who follow you and see that you are riding on the startpage of Zwift Companion App. There is a function to give Ride Ons to all riders you follow and who are currently riding.

That would be right if I was being followed by any of them but I’m not they are all from riders I don’t know or that follow me. :man_shrugging:. Thanks for your reply though.