Where was the group???

Hey all!  Long time Zwift user/racer…maybe 2 days ago tried to join both one of the group workouts and a race. I’ve done a lot of these before and normally at the start Zwift shows a group view with how many riders have joined (here’s a screenshot from 10/29) 

But this time although Zwift showed something like either 35 or 120 other riders as “going” for the workout/race only 1 rider was displayed (who posted a msg asking where is everybody) or no others yet as I started riding my “position” was changing as if I was passing riders. Maybe problem on my end with my Zwift version - un-installed and re-installed full Zwift. Anyone else seeing this??? Thanks! Daniel

I had exactly the same problem yesterday, 22/12/17, doing group ride with 31 others but could see only me.