Don't see any racers in event I signed up for-where is everyone?

I’m new, so my apologies if this is a dumb question. I’ve tried to do a couple of races lately and when I join the event (sitting at start/warming up) I don’t see anyone else or only like 1-2 people despite the event showing 20-30 or more people signed up and participating. This has happened to me twice now–is this because I am signing up via Zwift Companion and picking my category there? First race I ever did I just joined from the app and I don’t think I was even in a category-saw lots of folks. Now that I’ve added the companion app and tried to select a category within the events I am signing up for it seems like nobody is around??? Do I only see people in my category? What am I missing?

Most recently I tried to do a race that was at 630AM CST this morning–last night when I signed up there were around 25 people in the C group, and looked like this morning Zwift showed 17 in the group. When I joined the event I only saw one other rider warming up/waiting to start–race started and saw the same thing–just that one rider???

Thanks for any suggestions.

Same thing happened to me Monday Feb 4th while participating in the Herd’s Mellow Monday ride. I was only able to see 3 other riders even though Zwift showed 120+ riders were also on the ride. I was able to receive group messages but there was no group to be seen. I’m using a Wahoo Core trainer connected to Zwift with a MacBook Pro with touch bar. First time I’ve experienced this type of glitch.

Wahoo Kickr here connected to Zwift via Ipad app. Only common denominator for me has been that if I sign up using Zwift Companion App I don’t see anybody–then again, I haven’t tried signing up lately in the regular Zwift app. Guess I can try that next–pretty annoying as while I am not a big racer, its nice to have folks pushing you to ride harder.

I am having the same issue. Did anyone find a solution?