Only some riders visiable, and nobody else can see me (PC)

I joined the WTRL TTT zone 7 last night, and everything appeared fine. I saw riders in the pens, saw riders leaving at the 1 minute intervals, but when my team started I only saw 3 out of the 6 other riders on my team. I was talking with my team on discord and none of them could see me. At first I thought I had the draft, but I was quickly dropped after about 2 minutes of pushing max effort to stay with them. Later I was passed by a team that appeared to only have 4 riders to me, but I see in Zwiftpower results that they had 7.

I’m on a windows PC and should have the latest update, and had just restarted the PC before the event for a windows update. I did have a Sterzo paired and using it during warm up before I joined the event, but a teammate had issues with his Sterzo earlier in the week so I made sure to unpair it before joining the event. I didn’t actually quit zwift and start again after unpairing the Sterzo so some thought that might be the problem. I joined the event at the 5 minute mark so I was in the pens early enough. I did see the message that steering was turned off for the WTRL TTT race. I was in the Pairing screen when the race started because our start time was +12 so i didn’t see most of the other riders leave, but I did see a team before us leave at +11 (didn’t pay attention to how many were in that team).

Zwiftpower has me in the results but it is missing NP, all the 20m - 5s power, and max bpm. It does have Time, average w/kg, watts, weight and average HR. The WTRL results show I finished but has an “X” in Coffee class for me instead of “B”. My activity did upload to both Zwift and Strava, and the Zwift companion app shows me finishing 70th.

This might be the same issue reported here:

I submitted a support ticket and included my log already. Didn’t see anything really unusual on Zwiftalizer.

This just happened to me. It said 17+ people in my category while in the pens and when the race started it said there was 49 people in the entire race.

However I could only see 4 people in my cat and 9 people in the whole race. I quit the race as that isn’t enough people for good blobs to form.

I tried to type messages in game and they didn’t appear but I did see them show up in the companion app. Nobody replied so I don’t know if they saw them or not.

Interesting note - I had also just removed my Sterzo and put the Climb back on 30-40 mins before. I don’t think I restarted Zwift.