Avatar invisible to other riders but uploads to zwift power fine

Hopefully someone may be able to help me?

for the last 3 races none of my fellow team mates have been able to see my avatar or name on the right hand side during races. Since the update its been happening but i have since updated again (zwift second update) and also remove zwift and reinstalled.

none of my hardware has changed

surface pro i5

watt bike atom

Samsung tv ( with WIFI off ) connected through HDMI lead

zwift companion (iPhone )

i have tried everything, the things i notice is the following

there is no time next to my name whilst racing

I,m visible from my screen and i see everybody else

the rider position always is the last rider but dosnt move regardless

when i finish I,m on the scoreboard

all my stats upload to zwift power fine

all my stats upload to WRTL all fine

if I,m in a stream on youtube my stats dont show but my name does?

hopefully someone has an idea !!!

the last picture is the TTT where none of my team mates could see me

This is a known problem where there is some sort of conflict between the most recent versions of the software and the Wattbike Atom. When Zwift accidentally enable steering on the Atom (when it wasn’t meant to go live yet), something broke with regards to being able to see other riders or other riders seeing you.

I’ve had exactly the same thing happen to me - see this thread: Zwift Steering on Wattbike Atom Spiral of Death - #24 by Steven_Robinson

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thanks Steven
it appears that if you dont touch the left button and do not disconnect the steering function it should be fine.

I love it when people post exactly the same thing in different threads at the same time.