Invisible to other users

I’m running iOS 1.0.61590. I have a wattbike atom 2. If I disable the pairing of steering control and join my own meet up, no one can see me or my messages but I can still see them and ride with them and appear on sprint results etc. I tried to test this by creating a meet up and keeping steering enabled and this seems to work and my avatar and messages are visible.

Plenty of posts on this subject (including no-one seeing you as part of the problem) so hope for a quick update from Zwift.


Both me and a teammate have had the same problem in races the last couple of days. It says that we’re on last place on the right side of the screen and nobody can see us, but everything else is as normal. Both of us are using apple tv and kickr bike (which also has functionality for steering). Anyone knows what the problem is? Shouldn’t be a problem if we let steering be on in the pairing screen?

Couldn’t find the other posts about being invisible…


@Stian_Lersveen Havent seen any Kickr bike users say they havethe same problem but it could well be related. You should try entering a race without the steering paired to see if its the same issue.

Hopefully someone may be able to help me?

for the last 3 races none of my fellow team mates have been able to see my avatar or name on the right hand side during races. Since the update its been happening but i have since updated again (zwift second update) and also remove zwift and reinstalled.

none of my hardware has changed

surface pro i5

watt bike atom

Samsung tv ( with WIFI off ) connected through HDMI lead

zwift companion (iPhone )

i have tried everything, the things i notice is the following

there is no time next to my name whilst racing

I,m visible from my screen and i see everybody else

the rider position always is the last rider but dosnt move regardless

when i finish I,m on the scoreboard

all my stats upload to zwift power fine

all my stats upload to WRTL all fine

if I,m in a stream on youtube my stats dont show but my name does?

the last picture was tonights TTT were no one could see me

hopefully someone has an idea as zwift haven’t got back to me !!!

It’s a side effect of steering accidentally being enabled for the Wattbike in the recent Zwift update. Leave the steering paired and you won’t disappear.

Edit - why on earth did you both post this here AND make a new thread with the same post?

Jamie, i had the same issue today with my team in Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E2 DIVISION 2 (B). Its a pitty as i am looking foreward the whole week for this events. I wrote to ZWIFT support and hope to get feedback soon.


school boy error steve and just wanted some answers, Zwift havent replied

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Jamie. Zwift support answered me that there was a “…disconnect from my Bluetooth device”. The only devices that are paired by Bluetooth is the Elite Sterzo and my Heartrate belt. The Kickr V5 is connected by ANT+.
I deactivated the Sterzo in the pairing mode by klicking the tool icon next to the steering icon as i noticed in recent WTRL races that the Sterzo WAS NOT automaticly deactivated in the game. In TTT riding with Sterzo is hard to do.

Do you have a Sterzo also?



This has happened to both me and a teammate with kickr bike the last week as well. Prob not a coincident that this has gotten steering enabled in an update not long ago.

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Same problem here. I’m using ANT+ only - Bluetooth is deactivated in Windows, Sterzo is there but I do not use it… trainer (Neo 2T) is connected via ANT+ as well as my heartrate (Garmin) - I got invisible as a leader during a ride (separate post in Bugs and Support) - no further hints in the log-files… happened to me on Wednesday, Jan 27th 2021 at approx. 6:56pm CET

Hi all ‘invisible ghost riders’.
Zwift support answered me this morning with following sentences:
"It appears that this is a known issue within our systems currently, with that said, after reviewing this, I’m going to escalate your case to the team best suited to assist you. Once they’ve had a chance to review our conversation, they’ll respond as soon as they can."

I think there will be another update neccessary for solving this issue. Meanwhile i will take out batteries from Sterzo befor starting the game for the next races.



To all: today WTRL TTT Hilly route reverse - Elite Sterzo without(!!) batteries - means: no function. Result: i was visible to my team members!!


I have exactly the same problem Stian.

Having the same issues but I don’t even have a Sterzo smart. My setup is Apple TV with the newest software, Elite Suito and a 4iiii Powermeter as power source via a 4iiii viiiiva heart rate belt as Bluetooth bridge.

I wasn’t able to be seen in my last three events. Two TdZ stages and a WTRL race. Was always shown at the back of the field by Zwift even though I was upfront.

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I’ve kept it on before going into events the last week which actually works for me. So a possible fix while they work it out.

Hi folks.
Current mail frm Zwift support :slight_smile:

"Hi MAP,

I’m Manon with Tier 2 support at Zwift.

I’m sorry for our lengthier-than-typical response time. We’re working hard to catch up with the increase in indoor training spurred by the global pandemic.

I’m also sorry to hear about you being invisible to other riders during your WTRL TT activity. This is a known issue.

I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix.

While there isn’t a work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you need assistance with; we’d all be more than happy to help!
Manon W.
Member Experience Agent

Lets see whats coming up next.



Hi all,
I’m another invisible rider. I think it started with one of the recent updates but doesn’t seem to happen every ride. I run zwift on Apple tv, Companion on iPhone, and I have a Wahoo kickr. When it happens, I can see all the other riders and their messages but they can’t see me. My position number is also incorrect, always showing me as one of the last few riders in the ride when I can clearly see that I’m not. I think I do show up on the sprint leaderboards though, and it seems to maintain all the data from my ride. It’s just so frustrating not to have an accurate position number and not to be able to communicate with anyone during a ride.

So we are just supposed to sit tight and wait for Zwift to resolve it? Ugh!

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ihave the same problems.
Since 1 week i did several grouprides, races and meet-*ups.
People do not see me. For me is everything nomal.
It is very enoying if you ride a TTT for WTRL competition in first division.
Our team had to ride with 5 people because they could not see me and so they could not draft in my wheel.
I use apple TV, Companion app on Samsung Phone and Wahoo kickr power 2019.
Had removed Zwift allready 2 times from my Apple TV to update it again but i stay the same.
I hope it will be normal next thuesday in the WTRL competition.

I too am a fellow invisible Watt biker. In a meet up recently had an additional problem - so we worked out that keeping the steering engaged on our respective Wattbikes kept us visible to each other - but we were going at ~ 1/2 the speed for the given W/kg relative to other riders

We then disengaged steering and the speed went back to normal…but then we were invisible to each other…although we we talking by phone and we were doing exactly the same mileage / speed in our Meetup??!