Invisible wattbikers

Hello, since new (accidental) code release for wattbike came out, focus has been on steering pairing issue. But wattbikers are also becoming invisible during races which is especially annoying in team time trial if you can’t see your team mates!! Zwift please investigate.

Yes most definitely a issue that hopefully will be resolved quickly


Please fix this issue, ruining a lot of races.


For users of kickr bike aswell…

This is becoming an annoying big issue, starting to ruin a lot of events.

Please look into this issue . TTT is a mess for teams and riders impacted

Yes. Really looking forward to TTT in ZRL on Tuesday, but with 2 members of the team experiencing the bug this can potentially ruin the whole race.

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Isn’t the problem with going invisible (on a Wattbike) caused by un-pairing the steering?

I thought it had been said it’s fine as long as you leave the steering paired.

You can unpair the steering after you join the session. This avoids the accidental triggering of the never ending loop.

This has impacted several of our TTT teams in the last few weeks. It basically ruins the race for us.

My ZRL and WTRL TTT races have been ruined since the update has been released. I’ve tried both methods of not touching the option to disable and the de selection in the pair screen.

I have contacted Zwift support and have juts got the message back on how to go through these processes.
Well sorry they don’t work!

It’s such a pointless feature which is ruining lots of riders experience.

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You may have answered my query here too! Since the steering update I have not been able to ride with anybody else on Zwift, I’m always on my own in the worlds. I will try leaving the steering enabled to see what happens, here’s hoping!

Same here. I have unpaired when logging in, in menu during session and also leaved it on. For all options it sometimes works and sometimes not.

That’s on kickr bike and apple tv.

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I’m using Wattbike Atom V1 and Apple TV 4th gen. If leave it alone everything works fine but I just have no draft at all and it throws me to the side. If I then try and deselect in the pair screen, it makes me invisible to my team mates and game over

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I was wondering why i was continually pushed to the outside of groups, out of the draft.