In a race/event, but not?

Hi All, I’ve got an issue currently where if I join a race (the WTRL TTT for example) I’m in the pen and can see all the riders and when I set off I can see them all too and can ride with my team mates, but none of them can see me? I can complete the event and my on screen data is as normal (i.e. results on Z/P & final race results screen etc.), but screen shots from my team doesn’t show me being there? Any one else had similar please and a way to fix?

Do you show up on your friends leaderboard during the race?

No - they’re on my leaderboard, but I don’t appear on theirs

Are you using a Wattbike?

No Wahoo Kikr bike

I’ve installed all the updates and reinstalled the Apple TV again too?

Known issue with kickr bike and apple tv after steering update. Some have had success with not unpairing steering before event. Tried that?

I have same issue and setup btw. Sucks…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah man, that’s not good at all!!!..I’ve been unpairing the steering in the events I’ve entered, as I’ve found the steering to be more bother than it’s worth tbh - I’ll try leaving it paired and see what that does.

Thanks for the heads-up.