Wahoo Kickr Bike & ATV - Racing in Stealth Ninja Mode

Everything has been fine for months & months using my existing Zwift setup, however in the past 2/3 weeks (since the latest Zwift update) I’ve been experiencing a strange issue that only impacts Group Events and/or Zwift races.

The issue is that in any group event or race I enter, I can see everyone (inc. being able to draft off them), but they can’t see me or draft off me either???

My results show up in the final race results screen on Zwift and also on ZP too, but yet in the actual group session or race itself (especially annoying in the TTT’s) I am not actually racing with my team and doing my bit.

I’m running a Wahoo Kickr Bike, Wahoo HRM and everything is paired via ATV with Companion App on my phone - and everything has been updated to latest versions - I also have tried this with steering mode left on and also off.

I’ve now tried running through a Mac Laptop and screen sharing via the ATV, I have tried linking the Laptop straight to the TV not using ATV at all, I have moved fans, I have even bought a mobile hotspot device for dedicated broadband, I’ve forced quit App’s on the ATV and also now tried only running Zwift (steering on & off) without the Companion App and yet still the problems exist.

Can anyone suggest anything or do I have to wait for the next Zwift update to hopefully fix this issue?

There are others with Kickr bikes with the same issue, and lots with Wattbikes with the issue too. Seems to be a side effect of the Kickr steering introducion. There are lots of other threads on this.