Unable to join group

Today after riding on the NYC course I tried to join the WSR group ride at 1pm but all that happens is that I end up riding alone! This is the second time this week it has occurred, I am using Apple TV and an iPhone XR

@Mark_Nichols7518 are you running the latest version? AppleTV/iOS devices got a game update a few days ago (Version 1.0.46503), I know in the past people had similar issues if they weren’t on the latest version of the game.

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It should have updated automatically but it hasn’t done for some reason, looks like I need to keep an eye out for future updates. :+1:

No worries, I have found the auto update on AppleTV to be hit or miss so I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the app store for updates before any race/event I want to do just to make sure. Ride on.