Wattbike auto-pairs as Steering device [January 2021]

We’ve verified a bug where the Wattbike pairs as a Steering-enabled device by itself. The fix is coming in an upcoming release so that it won’t auto-pair.

We are working with Wattbike on a timeline for this functionality with their trainers, but we’re not ready to announce that yet.


It would be really useful if this thread was made sticky, @shooj . A lot of people are hitting this issue at the moment.


Should be cross linked to:
https ://support.wattbike.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360019140099-Wattbike-weekly-update-w-c-25-01

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Thank you for the update. The issue appears to be much worse than admitted by Zwift or Wattbike as it leads to riders being invisible to others in meet-ups and events. I hope this is being addressed, but it appears to be very difficult to get answers from either Wattbike or Zwift. If either body wants user feedback about the experience in the current software, I would be happy ro provide it.


I would like a answer on this ASAP as no matter what quick fix I try, I still don’t get any draft for my races!!
This is ruining my experience in ZRL and WTRL TTT, I’m also letting down my team mates, thinking I sorted the problem.

If it’s going to be a week or a month just let us know, don’t keep us in the dark, as it’s affecting many of your subscribers now


Exactly the same problem with Kickr Bike.

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Any updates on when the apple tv, wattbike, invisible riders issue will be solved? When is the patch coming?