Wattbike Atom Steering Bug

Hi All,

I’ve just discovered a bug which I’ve been able to replicate. Now steering is enabled for smart bikes, yet still unsupported for the Wattbike… it still automatically pairs for me upon loading.

If you disable/unpair steering and then load into the Swift world, it loads you into a work without any other riders, irrespective of the location. it also persists into events and meet-ups.

If you leave steering paired/enabled you load in normally. however… don’t press the button unless you like riding in circles… that’s the other known bug

There are lots of other threads on this, and Zwift is working on a fix.


Why are we waiting for the next release? This is a bug, either fix it or roll back the update so you don’t impact already existing functionality. Surely there are more people impacted from the spiral of death and lone rider issues on Wattbike a than people benefiting from the Wahoo bike (which has low sales volumes). You need to focus on fixes not development.