Another Wattbike Atom Steering Bug

Right, another really bizarre bug.

Zwift on Apple TV

The Wattbike Atom now connects to Zwift, which it should not do. Steering is not implemented for the Wattbike Atom. If the steering is left on and you accidentally press the left-hand top-button you will continuously U-Turn. You have to exit Zwift to get out of this circle of death.

Now, the really bizarre bit, f you disable steering BEFORE you enter a world in the pairing screen, you will not see any other riders. If you leave steering enabled you will see riders. You then should disable steering once you are in the world. This bug has been verified by other WattBike Atom users.

What a pile of **ap in terms of QA/QC of a software role out.

Found this problem as well on my V1, steering off at pair screen = join ride with no other riders visible, the cure:

Main Menu: Steering Off

Join Ride ‘Riders Disappear’

In Game Settings>Pair>Steering Off> exit menu ‘Riders Appear’,

Apple TV latest Zwift update, pile of c**p, QA/QS before release would have sorted this.

Yet again a lack lustre update for Wattbike Atom users.


Yep. This happened to me this morning on a run. Thought I’d try it out and as described just kept doing U-Turns. Not ideal. Likewise had to completely come out to get it back to normal. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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Ah, that would explain part of the problem I had today. I use an Atom v1. Saw the steering thing, did a short ride and none of the buttons seemed to do anything other than change gear, as usual. Ended that ride, turned off the steering option and went to another route; no other riders visible so abandoned the ride because I was going to attempt a club segment challenge but pointless with no other riders/draft.

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Yup I am seeing the same thing v2 brand new and beta and standard firmware checked.

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Wasted three hours trying to sort this out before a planed 3 hour ride. 6 hrs later. Finally finished my ride, google the fault and could have sorted it in a matter of minutes.

Pretty poor but suppose there are so many bikes, trainers and different OS’s. Is pretty poor though.

Thought it was my poor internet. Was taking it out on my ISP.

Never mind. ride on.

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