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HI, I am an beta zwift rider, club jarvis. Use wattbike atom and apple TV and IPAD. ALL apps up to date and latest firmware for Atom.
Since sunday of last week every time i join a meetup, or join an event or free ride I cannot see any other riders. I get all the jerseys and the route badge.
If i log in and ‘just watch’ i dont see any other riders. My internet is strong (not changed) but I did try using a 4g hotspot to check but still had the same issue, also checked with a wired connection to router same issue. I have tried running zwift on ipad and apple TV and had the same issue.
Any thoughts???

UPDATE: I have just tried Zwift app on Android phone and it works fine. I believe the issue is caused by apple IOS update.

I have been having the same issue and literally just found the cause. It’s the steering update in the latest version. I just tested it 3x and got to see other people each time, whereas like yourself I got it to work once on an android mobile but it was deeply unsatisfactory.
Open the game, PAIR EVERYTHING. Do not disable the broken steering (counter intuitive, I know). Pick a route. Start. Wait upto 10seconds and other people appear. Now go into the menu → pairing on the right, disable the steering, go back/resume get on with riding.

WHY there’s no official communication from Zwift/Wattbike about this is beyond me. Their technical support teams are completely incapable of decent communications, unless you start screaming on twitter.

I am using; iPad Air 3, Wattbike Gen1 with beta firmware from Wattbike Hub, VirginMedia 150-170ms ping which proves that the FAQ request for 50ms (literally impossible from London to LA) is not the issue when you cannot see other bikes.


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And now I see there was an update on the Wattbike FAQ’s >:( I didn’t see it, they never mailed it out and their support never pointed me at it as they never responded.

Because of the zero response from both companies I’m left with a very bitter taste.
https ://

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Thanks. Totally agree. I blame both wattbike and Zwift for the issue. The support and communication is poor. I also agree about the PING times - absolute nonsense.

I’ve had this issue since the app update was introduced. The entire TDZ has been ruined for me.
I want Zwift and Wattbike to understand that I was so p155ed off that the Wattbike nearly went off my 7th floor balcony. Test things properly.


If you leave the steering paired, and don’t press the steering buttons, things should work fine.

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Yeah…but we were being advised to disable the steering…

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I’ve had this problem since the update. I use ATV with Wattbike Atom V1, both are updated to current software and firmware.

My issues have ranged from not seeing any riders, team mates not seeing me, no draft and being placed last in standings.

I’ve tried the method of not touching anything, doesn’t work. I raced WTRL TTT tonight with no draft, went to pair screen when I was going downhill and basically got thrown out.

I’m at the end of my tether now with what is a pointless update.

When is this going to fixed??


Same issue here, Atom + Ipad, no problems with steering but I can see the my team mates in TTT or Meetups but they can’t see me. Even if I create the meetup and I am the beacon, they don’t see the beacon. I can see them and I do believe I still have the draft.


Have you had an an answer to this yet? There is clearly an issue as I am having all the same experiences. It would be good to know when the next release of the software is going to come. I sense that it is quite a big problem and not just confined to us Wattbike users.


Hi, no answer from Zwift - have sent in ride logs for analysis.


No answers for me yet either I’ve tagged Eric Min in my posts too and nothing

I had the same problem in TTT last night. My team couldn’t see me and couldn’t get the draft from me but seemed like I could get the draft from them. I showed them all live video on zoom which showed me amongst them but no visibility at all. I ended up just riding by myself and Zwift power hasn’t picked up any of the splits just the final time. Doesn’t seem to be any solution provided by Zwift just yet. Not good for any of us Wattbike users. Hope they come up with something soon as this is ruining my so far brilliant experience of wattike - Zwift.

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@shooj any updates on this at all? Thanks