Help! can't see other riders

Over the last week, every time I log on I can’t see any other riders, whether free riding or joining a meet-up. I’m running the latest version of Zwift & no internet issues.

If I delete the app & download again from the App Store it works fine, but becoming a pain having to do this before each ride!

Any advice??

Same issue here. Not sure if it’s since the steering was added? Only happens to me. Husband using same equipment, software etc doesn’t have this issue. V annoying.

Are you both using a Wattbike?

Yes, I’m on a Wattbike.

This sounds like the recent Wattbike steering issue. Leave the steering function paired (even though it doesn’t work right now), don’t press the steering buttons in a ride and then the other riders should be visible.

I’ve been turning off the steering function…will try leaving it on. Thanks!