Zwift - riding solo and steering update going in circles

Hi All,
I’m a relatively new Zwifter and looking for some assistance on potential bugs. I’m running a Wattbike atom, through AppleTV & Zwift connect. For the first few weeks everything was sweet but following a recent update (Could be a coincidence) I am having a few issues. After selecting a ride or Tour stage I am the only person visible on screen. no other riders/runners. This has happened 3 times now and once during a tour stage with the ride being recorded as a standard ride rather than tour. This seems to happen when I deactivate the steering option on connections. I do this as so far when ever I try to steer the avatar simply goes around in circles and will not stop turning. Also pretty annoying.
Anyone else had these issues, i’ve tried the usual “Turn off and back on again”

Yes, there are lots of threads on this, including the other one that you’ve posted in.

It’s this problem - Wattbike auto-pairs as Steering device [January 2021]

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