Zwift Steering on Wattbike Atom Spiral of Death

Imagine my surprise when new Zwift update connected the Steering Function to the Wattbike Atom.

Imagine how excited I was!

Imagine my disappointment when I found that the top button makes you continuously do U-turns with no way of exiting.

Why, oh why, oh why don’t you test stuff!



Where did you read that? We added steering support the Wahoo Kickr Bike in this latest release, not the Wattbike.

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This needs a video, it sounds amusing.


The update of Zwift. The steering function now connects to the wattbike atom. Then you get the steering instructions in a free ride. Then you press a function button, the spiral o death starts and you have to exit to stop it.


I have video but Zwift don’t allow you to upload to the forum, it is just one continuous U-Turn.

That seems to suggest the game can’t tell the difference between a Kickr bike and Wattbike in terms of pairing, but the signal provided by the buttons isn’t what it’s expecting so everything goes potty. :rofl:

But it’s not meant to work for the Wattbike yet.


Yep I managed to work that out… However, it recognises it as a Wattbike (in the info) It is likely needing Wattbike to do a firmware update to add the functionality, which means they will need to rewire there app that also uses there buttons.

Why on earth would zwift add steering to the kikr before the atom which has been a long establish trainer connecting to the swift world?

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Presumably the Wattbike is due very soon, which is why we’re seeing an unfinished version:

Credit: DCR

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Yes, I get exactly the same. The aptly named spiral of death. You have to stop the ride, exit the app, then re-enter the app & start again.

Obviously untested with Wattbike Atom.


The same for me, the anticipation of steering on a static Atom was high, got the splash screen after the update giving the detail, what could go wrong!
Foolishly I didn’t try it until I was 16k into 30k route, around and around I went. Took a video, picture, tired everything, buttons, settings on then off before having to exit and start the route again.
Looking forward to the fix, do we need to formally report it, I gave feedback after the aborted ride.
I’ve created a giff of an example as it does it each time now. ! (It should be below)


Same here. Wattbike Atom v1 connected to steering. I joined a meet-up, pressed the steering buttons which did nothing. Unpaired the steering and then no one could see or communicate with me. Repaired and returned to normal. As soon as the meet-up completed I was stuck in never ending u-turns.

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Same here. Wattbike Atom v1 and I had to restart Zwift and disable steering on set-up screen.

Also, when steering is disabled, no one could see me and I don’t see anyone. Not even pace partners. Riding on empty Watopia.

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We’ve discovered that if you don’t do anything - don’t try and unpair, don’t try and use the red buttons - everything works ok. So don’t touch anything and it’ll be ok until they fix it properly.


Had the same issue as all the above. Tried it while riding with pace partner and just went into continuous U turns. I then unpaired steering and ended the ride. Then started a new ride and there was no one else on course, riding an empty circuit.

I had the same issue, I’ve raised a support ticket with Zwift, I’ll see what they say and if necessary raise one with Wattbike.


Thanks for the tip Alison.

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I’m just glad it’s not only me with this problem. My issue is joining group rides/events where I sit in the start pen alone but there should be a few hundred others there. I rode one event solo, the only avatar on the road, but still appeared in the event results.

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Darren, just make sure you don’t touch or change anything. Leave the steering paired and don’t touch the red buttons on the Atom. Then you should be able to Zwift normally :+1:t2:

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