AppleTV bug - ghosting

I am using Apple TV and a Wahoo Kickr Bike. On group rides and Meet Up rides I often don’t appear on other people’s rider list. From others perspective my avatar is invisible. I however can see all others from my end.

So far I have tried to uninstall app from Apple TV, power cycling Apple TV, and reinstalling app. Fixes the issue for a day or so. But issue returns.

Can anyone comment why this happens and how to fix it permanently?


Hi @Arun_P, do you force close the app after each use on the ATV?

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response. When I finish my Zwift ride I save the ride and then the app takes me to the initial screen. Then I hit the home button on my Apple TV remote. Doubt that is what you mean by force close.


Yeah, that is not force closing it. I’ve heard that a lot of bugs can be eliminated by force closing the app after each use. @Nigel_Tufnel is the resident ATV super user, maybe he can help guide you?


Thanks Mike. I will try the force closing approach next time I finish my Zwift rides.

To force-close an app on Apple TV, double-press on the TV button. That takes you to the view of all currently running apps. Swipe left or right to select the Zwift app, then swipe upwards to force-close it.


Waow - thank you very much! I didn’t know that.

@Mike_Rowe1: Thanks for the shout-out! Sorry for the very delayed response, but my job actually has started people back to the office now, so I can’t visit the Forum as often as I’ve been able to do for the past year. I’m glad someone has already chimed in on how to force-quit an app on ATV.

Regarding the ‘ghosting’, though, I’m not sure if that is an issue that will be corrected by force-quitting the app, or if it is something else. I seem to recall another thread on the forum about people not being seen by others, and I thought it was an issue with the latest Wahoo firmware and Zwift ‘not playing nice’. (I don’t remember if that was the actual case, for sure, but that is what is coming to my head at the moment.) If I can find that thread I will post a link to it here.


I think it was the Kickr Steering update that “ghosting” showed up. Watt Bikes did it too I think … I’ll look for the post and insert here if/when I find it.

We have another post (well lots actually) of “Ghosting” where Zwift have replied to a few people saying Ghosting is a known problem they are addressing:

Edit1: another post which has bugID’s assigned:


Thsnks for the response @Nigel_Tufnel. This ghosting issue started happening with Zwift update that enabled steering feature on Wahoo bikes. I have noticed that this ghosting (I see others, but others don’t see me) issue happens often on group rides when steering is disabled by default. Hope this force quitting helps.

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Hey, I have this same ghosting issue (I see others and others don’t see me. Position incorrectly shows up as one of the last riders). The issue started with the Zwift update that enabled steering for my Wahoo bike. Wonder if that was the root cause though. Hoping this force quitting thing helps.

Ghosting has been around on and off for a while but posts here increased at the time of the Wahoo steering launch and reported by Watt bike users too. Fingers x’ed for you.

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