Keep logged in on Apple TV?

Is there a way to keep my account logged in on Apple TV? I almost need to log in each day. Last week I did two rides on one day with a little pause in between (closed the app) and I had log in again. Kind of pain in the a** with strong passwords and iCloud Passwords feature not working that good.

Uninstall and reinstall the app. After each ride, force-close the app.

I would bet money it will work after that. (source: I use an AppleTV for Zwift and the above works)

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Reinstalled the app. Will see if it will keep working. Thanks!

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Don’t forget the ‘force-close’ (swipe up) after each use. My guess is that part is key.

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Yes, but that shouldn’t be needed with normal use. Will try and report back :slight_smile:

Yet you’d be surprised how many issues this will fix. You shouldn’t need to reboot your computer regularly, either, but doing so often ‘fixes’ things. Same with ATV.


Shouldn’t be, but is evidently good practice with Zwift. It’s not typically like most other apps/programs and has a ton of little quirks like this.

I was referring to the force close app. Periodically I reboot my devices and yes it solves problems.

As was I. Doing this after every use (same with the Companion app) seems to help with a number of niggling issues. As @Dave_ZPCMR said, it shouldn’t be necessary, but it truly does seem to help.


This cannot be overemphasized, but ALWAYS force quit the app!

Been using the Apple TV 4K for ~5yrs now:

  • Have never reinstalled Zwift.
  • Only reboot my AppleTV for tvOS upgrades.
  • Not force quitting the app will eventually result in some weird issues.

The only minor complaint I have is that occasionally a tvOS update forces me to log in again and also wipes out my power curve bests. Oddly enough it doesn’t happen with every tvOS update.

edit: It’s the occasional Zwift update that wipes out my power curve data.

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I have never had this issue with tvOS updates, but have it with some frequency with Zwift updates.

Same here, every 2-3 Zwift updates will wipe out my power curve data. I think though this data may be stored on Zwift side now so maybe it won’t be an issue moving forward.

Actually Nigel, you are right. The power curve bests is my one occasional Zwift update issue. The log in issue is an occasional tvOS issue. That said, both are annoying but minor in the big scheme of things.

Didn’t work. Force closed app yesterday. Had to login right now.

Interesting. Are you, for sure, on the latest tvOS version, as well as the latest Zwift version? You might also try unplugging the ATV for a bit, so that it gets a fresh start. Also, any chance you’re also logged in on another device?

I think I’ve only had this happen once in 4 years, and that was right after a Zwift update, so it seems unusual that you would have this every time.

I am logged in in the Companion app on iPhone. That shouldn’t be the problem, because I use it to connect my sensors, AW and trainer with ATV.

Maybe tomorrow I am still logged in on ATV, but it could be I am logged out again.

Already tried to restart everything. ATV, iPhone, AW.

Are you getting the add existing user / create new user page?

I’ve had it a few times recently and think it’s because clicking is selecting the change user button rather than the arrow alongside name in the middle of the screen.

Pressing back takes me back to the first screen and manually selecting the arrow logs me in without re-entering password.

Tried all tips for the past two weeks. Still totally random. Sometimes it stays logged in for 2 or 3 days. But most of the time it’s logged out the next day or even on the same day if you want two rides in the morning and in the evening. Given up.

Ive never had this issue before the last month. A new ‘feature’? Supee annoying to have to keep logging in, especially with the awesome apple tv remote.

Anyone have a fix? Ive rebooted and unistalled/reinstalled?

The only fix that worked for me was to completely Reset and Update to reload the ATV4K TVOS. And then reinstall the Zwift App (and the other Apps).

That took a bit of time (depends on download speed), but was very simple and nothing was lost in the process.