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After last update, zwift App on Apple TV stopped registering the username and password, i have to enter email and password every time i open the App. Could you help ?

Out of curiosity, have you tried force-closing the app after each use? I use Apple TV and am not having any issues with the app remembering my user name and password, so I’m guessing it might be something happening at the user-end.

Hi, I close the app normally, but when starting it asks for login and password again

What do you mean by ‘close the app normally’? Do you mean you just exit the app at the end of the ride, or do you also force-quit the app after exiting? I’d recommend force-quitting after exiting and see if that solves the issue.

I double-click the home button, then swipe to the app, after that I drag it up. Would this be the procedure to force the close?

Yes, that is definitely the force-close. And you’re still having to log in every time you start? Is there anyone else using Zwift on the same device? Or do you possibly use Zwift on multiple devices (wondering if you might be logged in twice, somehow)?

Thanks for the support. Access zwift through the notebook normally, it goes straight to my account. What happened is that I created a new user for my son from Apple TV.
Could that have influenced?

Possibly. I think the ATV is supposed to be able to keep account information for 2 separate accounts, but I can’t say definitively as I am the only Zwift user in my house. Do make sure that you are completely logged out of the Zwift app o the notebook before signing in through the ATV, though.

Hopefully someone with multiple ATV users will have better information.


I have the same annoying problem. Need to log in every time and to pair the power source and the heart rate!

Gentlemen, it’s back to normal access. What apparently caused the problem was that I changed the username to participate in a TTT and left the NAME field blank, so Zwift doesn’t abbreviate it. After changing the username again Apple TV recognized again…

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