Failed to log in. Check internet connection - apple tv

Can not login. When I want to login, Zwift says: Failed to log in. Check internet connectin. Ik have NO Wifi issues. This happens constantly. Prevous week I reset everything (renewd app on Apple tv, new account, everything). Anyone: PLEASE HELP !!!

I’ve been having this problem for months. I was told to reboot my wi-fi router which worked for a while but the issue returned.

Best advice I can give when this happens is to force-close the Zwift app, then do a re-start (not reset!) of the ATV and then relaunch Zwift. This has never failed to work for me.

Good luck.

Hoe do you force close Zwift?

Now I get: ‘‘there was a problem login in with that account’’ … Any ideas?

Same advice as before.

Force close the Zwift app (minimize the icon then swipe it upwards off the screen). Then launch the “settings” icon and do a system restart of Apple TV (takes about 30 secs). Then relaunch the Zwift app and log-in. It should work now.

Thanks, it works!

Glad I could help. Not sure what the problem is, but I pretty much have to go through that procedure before every Zwift session (not always).

ATV: At the end of a Zwift session, I always close the program via SwipeUpward. This works since months.

So do I, but it makes no difference. The next time I launch the app I run into the problems described above which requires an ATV restart and a Zwift reboot.

Ok. That’s not funny…