Login issues on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

For the past few days I have been having issues logging in my account. Once I press ok on the main Zwift page, the loading ring will just spin nonstop without logging me in. I would restart several times and the same issue. Any advise??? I just missed my meetup ride…

I had the same issue on my MacBook.

I had to empty my cache, restart my MacBook, then log back in.

Make sure you ‘force quit’ the Zwift app after each ride. On the ATV remote, double click the home screen button then swipe to quit Zwift. Definitely has helped me with connecting.

Thanks for the advice. I usually do force quit the swift app after each ride as you mentioned, however still having the same issue. And restart the ATV several time until I get it to log me in. My ATV is hard wired to the modem/router to have a stable connection but still wonder what the problem. It used to work just fine all this time. So frustrating when you need to catch an event!!!

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no help to you, but i have ethernet connected apple tv, i don’t force quit, but power off everything in my attic room.
no problem logging in to apple tv
companion app on iPhone needs to be on and have seen my power pedals for the bluetooth devices to connect
annoying that always sis on hrm icon, rather than just ride, how often have i changed my BT devices ? never !
like when i completed ride, the app always wants me to go back rather than stay here, easy with apple remote to change location, when you want to continue riding the route your on