Apple TV does not save username and password

Every time I log in to my Appel TV 4K I have to enter a username and password.
I think it happens since the last update (I’m not sure), but it didn’t happen before.
I have tried factory resetting my Appel TV and reinstalling Zwift, but the problem persists.
Does it happen to anyone else? it has a solution?

I have been using ATV for over two years and have never had this issue. Not sure what could be causing this to happen.

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I can’t find the solution, every time I close and turn off zwift on my appel tv I have to re-enter username and password.
Does anyone know how to fix it?

Do you force-quit the Zwift app after each ride? I’m not sure if this will make a difference, but it’s worth a shot. And is the Apple TV remembering your user names and passwords for other apps?

Thanks for your reply.
I only use Appel TV to run zwift, I don’t have any more apps installed.
Every time I finish a session, I close the app (2 taps on the button and drag), turn off the Appel TV (long press on the button) and then disconnect it from the electrical current.
I did this always the same and never lost the startup data.
Of course, if I don’t close the Zwift app or turn off the Appel TV, it only falls asleep until the next session and the startup data is kept.