Apple TV - Losing Autentication

I’m super annoyed by the usability issues in the app.
If I don’t use app for two days it loses sign in session.
Additionally, I have to setup my devices every time I ride.
I use Companion app because I have Tacx Flow trainer, Assioma Power Meter pedals and HRM heart rate monitor.

I have to setup a very specific configuration where I use pedals to track power and cadence and trainer for resistance. And I have to do this every time I start the app.

Why this is so hard to save my credentials and devices configuration forever ?

All devices have static Bluetooth addresses. I wish there was a way to use Garmin Edge or something else as ANT+ hub.

The idea of getting all that setup is discouraging and sometimes I don’t train because of this terrible ux.

Also I don’t understand why you can’t use something like Apple Account to sign in without entering password etc.

And if the Apple TV has multiple users it can have a pin protected profiles.

If by losing authentication you mean you have to re-type your Zwift password, then reset (not restart) your Apple TV and reinstall the apps. That will almost certainly fix that annoying problem.

How does resetting Apple TV helps to address this issue?

Netflix, Amazon, YouTube maintain sessions just fine. I don’t think there is an issue with Apple TV.

I don’t know the technical reason, but anecdotal experience from these forums suggests it does fix it, and when I had this problem a reset fixed it for me too.

If I had to guess I’d suggest that it’s some sort of permissions thing that is getting altered somehow and only a reset fixes it.

On all Zwift app update on Apple TV, it forgets my credentials, paired devices and preferences, it’s like, annoying to the max! It’s been doing that for years, on my side, and it’s one of the reason I use less and less the AppleTV version.