Game settings reset to default [AppleTV] [tvOS 16.6]

Third update in a row where my settings have reset on AppleTV. After logging in again, the settings for HoloReplays, leaderboard, controller haptics, pain effect etc are all reset.

Can someone please fix the issue for the next release!

Also one update that would be nice is mirroring the status of the controller ride-on bomb and the ride-on map arrow in Companion. You can click the arrow even after using the controller button.

Hi @Ste_Rumbelow

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for flagging this up. I split this off from its original location because your most recent Zwift ride was done on v 1.45 and we want to make sure we’re chasing the right clues.

Question 1: would you say that this has been happening since the beginning of August?

  • Scanning through your server logs, your AppleTV box was running tvOS v16.5.0 and Zwift v 1.44.0 on July 28.
  • Starting on August 5, your box was updated to tvOS 16.6.0. This caught my eye as we’re seeing different symptoms affecting iPad users who updated to iOS 16.6. Maybe your symptoms are related, maybe they’re not.

Question 2 for you: how do you normally update the Zwift game app? There are three paths:
A. Go to the App store and manually push the “Update” button for the Zwift app.
B. Set my App store preference to automatically update Zwift.
C. Uninstall and manually reinstall Zwift.

Apologies for sticking that in the wrong thread. I assumed it had updated to 1.46!

Not entirely sure of the dates but certainly the last three times the app has updated and I’ve needed to log back in, the settings have been reset. I only noticed because the controllers vibrated when they connected and I had previously disabled the haptic feedback.

I have the AppleTV set to auto-update apps, so invariably the game has updated when I go to ride. Occasionally if the update is very recent, I have triggered the update manually but that’s very rare.

Thanks for looking into this,

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Thanks for confirming this @Ste_Rumbelow

Last question: do the settings reset every time you ride, or just once after you update game versions?

On desktop platforms there’s a configuration file you can open / send to Zwift Support to see what’s changing. However, that’s not possible on tvOS because its security settings won’t allow you to access system files. Anyway - I suspect that this file might be corrupt.

I’d like to have you uninstall Zwift, reboot the AppleTV, and re-install Zwift. It’s a bit simplistic, but it would clear out a corrupted file if that’s the root cause.

FYI - we completed rollout of v1.46, so that’s what will be in the App Store. I’m curious to know if your settings stick afterward.

Hi, thanks for this.

I manually triggered the latest update just now and after logging in again, my settings were reset.

This doesn’t happen every time I ride, only every time the app updates.

Next time an update is out I’ll delete the app and install from fresh and see if that helps, though it’s never happened before the last few updates.

Thanks again,

Curiously I was logged out again when I’ve just gone to ride. Still 1.46 of course. Settings reset again…

I’ll delete the app after this ride and see how the reinstall goes.


I still suspect corrupted files need to be cleared out, if not with the Zwift app, then possibly with tvOS.

While the specific symptoms (passwords not being reset) differ from your specifics this previous thread suggests that a factory reset on the AppleTV might address your issue. Do you use the AppleTV for lots of other things besides Zwift? If no - it doesn’t take much active work, just time to let the box do its thing.

I use ATV. The past 3 rides have required me to put in email, password, pair all devices, and reset all settings like trainer difficulty and sounds.

In reading the Zwift Riders Facebook page, it appears that many riders are having this same issue. People have deleted and reinstalled zwift and reset their ATV and this has not solved the problem.

Is this a known issue that is being worked on? Thank you!

Having exactly the same problem too with ATV since some versions of zwift. Have to reenter my details every 2-4 days.

I have been experiencing this issue for years. It isn’t a new problem and it’s super annoying. Happens after every app update AND after every tvOS update. Have to reenter login credentials, pair devices, and reconfigure all game menu settings.

Same here but for me it’s not after every update, it seems pretty random and will happen for a week or two and then be fine for a while (months) before acting up again for a week or two. It’s the only app on my AppleTV that does this, even the other cycling specific ones, some of which I haven’t used in over a year, remember all my log-in and in-game settings.

I agree. Been struggling with this for years as well. Still doing it as of the update a couple of weeks ago. I need to waste 5 min setting all the sound, video, and hide chat settings inside the Zwift app back to my preferred settings. To be clear, the Zwift update does not change anything on the Apple TV, just the Zwift app settings in the Zwift app. I don’t see why the old settings can not be saved, that is the way it works for other platforms.

Version 1.53.2

Did you do the factory reset to see if that resolves it?

Thanks but that would require me to reinstall, re-log in and reset all of the settings for all of my apps. Not worth it, especially since I doubt it would help since Zwift is the only app that does this.

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This is a very common fix for when Zwift gets screwed up on Apple TV. If you remain frustrated keep it in mind. You could also try just uninstalling Zwift and putting it back but that doesn’t fix every issue that can be resolved with the factory reset.

Thanks. I bit the bullet and did the reset, we will see if that helps. Appreciate it.

I have two zwift setups both using their own AppletV in our household. Both of these setups the past three update same as OP. Need to reenter password, and redo all settings which reset to default and select devices. One AppleTV auto updates, the other AppleTV I need go to app store and manually ask to update (not sure why since auto update is set to “on” with both)

Same with me. Either Zwift app or iOS update and I have to start all over with log in and Settings. Been like this for years.

Another me too here. Has happened with every Zwift update, and is the only app that seems to do this. Has happened since day 1, across 2 different AppleTVs ( First was an older HD, now it’s the latest 4k version ). Each time there’s an update, I have to login and redo all the settings back to what I want them to be. I have auto-update turned on.