Game Update 1.46 [August 2023]

iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users please note.

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hopefully your collaboration with IndieVelo might lead to some new race formats, or a just buy them already? :rofl:

No, nothing to do with the Racing Score @xflintx . To me that’s at the point that steering was when Repack Ridge was first added 3 years ago, not ready to be deployed across the platform. Maybe it’s further along, I don’t know.

A large % of races are configured as points races in ZwiftPower, and raced as such - the results screen that’s shown at the end of those races is more misleading than nothing. As a race organizer, I’d rather have the ability to turn off the in-game results screen than show one that has the wrong results on it.

Can we have the results screen go away then? It’s worse than nothing when it’s wrong.

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If you have the ability to know if the event is a scored on points, then it would be preferable to just bring up a screen that says you have to check some other source for the actual results. That would be better than providing incorrect results that the rider might never double-check on the authoritative source. There are quite a few points races in Zwift that aren’t ZRL. Those riders could be directed to ZwiftPower for results. For ZRL events they could be directed to check WTRL for results. I don’t know how feasible this is but it would be more acceptable than wrong answers.


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Please, no. Isn’t it useful that you can give out twice the number of Ride-On bombs using Companion and Play?

Windows user here, wouldn’t update at all - had to do an uninstall and reinstall to get it.

It’s a phased rollout so pot luck who gets it…… I don’t like it personally and don’t really see the benefit, unless it’s a real big change that needs wider testing, I’d rather everyone just got it at the same time.

Agreed; just give me the relevant information I want:
Average Power, Normalized Power, Avg HR, Max HR, total distance, total ascent.

And maybe the name of the event as a reminder.

(With the subtext of “be sure to check the event host to see your finished stats”)

Personally I’m already kind of upset the ‘new’ race finish screen doesn’t even have heart rate on it; how’d that get missed?

Title Music is still controlled by the 3D World Sounds slider.

Macbook pro M2 pro 14, Still no shadows and details like in 1.45…I’m a little disappointed

@calfzilla the chat radius is confined to a ~500 meter radius or ~750 meter radius when in a group event. Based on your video it looks like the Zwifters Nearby were all outside this distance. Do you remember if they were ever within the 500m radius and do you know if other members were trying to send chat messages? We’ve been so far unable to repro the chat issue in Climb Portal, but any additional detail you can share will help us with the investigation into what you are experiencing.


Ok, no change is expected at this moment. The updates for M1 and M2 Macs weren’t included in 1.46, but are still currently on track to be delivered very soon.


Unrelated to the video. I’ve tried chatting a few times in climb portal and never get a response and have never (ever) received a public chat in climb portal.

Did a smallish Herd ride (90-100 people) Thursday PM US time at 1.6-1.9 w/kg, and maybe it was just my expectations, but it felt much easier to keep up in the pack - I could easily stay in the pack when I wanted to and could move forward as needed when it stretched out a bit. I did have to put in a bit of a dig if I fell a bit behind the ride leader, but even that felt a little easier than before PD4.1. As a ~85kg cyclist, even if this is mostly psychological I think it’s working as advertised, at least so far!

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I’ve seen chat. Most people don’t chat when on 10+% climbs.


As I say on IRL climbs “if you’ve got enough spare breath to chat, you’re not working hard enough” :joy:


Personally i think this “phase rollout” stuff is introducing far more problems than it solves.

After an uninstall and reinstall yesterday i’m updated finally, but still old results screen that is supposedly rolled out to all windows users by now?

It must be confusing when bug reports come in for “version x.y.z” but to different users that’s a different feature set

Not to mention that if things are silently enabled for subsets of users, how are users to verify they actually have certain features they should have?

Just my 2p worth.
I’m not really that bothered about the results screen as its often meaningless, but there is a wider issue here.

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I’ve said this before that a phased rollout is a mistake, everyone needs to be on the same version at the same time

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