Apple TV won’t remember log in data

In the past month, I have to re enter my log in data every time on Apple TV. All my game settings are also forgotten so I have to adjust trainer difficulty and replay settings every time. This is incredibly annoying and I’ve been using the same Apple TV unit for over 2 years and never had this happen before. Is this a bug? A couple people on Reddit have the same complaint.

I have not had any issues like this with my ATV. Any chance that you have logged in to Zwift on multiple devices? Are you force-closing the Zwift app (and Companion app, if you’re using that) after each use? Have you tried power-cycling the ATV unit?

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And if Nigel’s suggestions don’t help, next steps would be to uninstall and reinstall Zwift, and if that doesn’t work do a factory reset of the Apple TV. Also make sure tvOS is fully up to date.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond guys. I’ve previously done everything Nigel is suggesting I’m not running Zwift on another device and I always force close. I’ve been trying to avoid uninstalling because a couple years ago I did that and it removed my personal best data from Apple TV, though some of that may be getting a little old and no longer attainable anyway. I’ll give everything a shot again and report back in a few days how things are going.

Some months ago they made a change and personal best data is no longer stored locally. Photos, videos, and custom workouts created in the game are stored locally but since you can’t make custom workouts on Apple TV that probably won’t get in your way.

I’m experiencing the exact same issues, and it’s becoming annoying. On one hand, I have to constantly re-login, and on the other hand, the game settings keep changing by themselves.


Have you tried the suggestions above? Update Apple TV, reinstall Zwift, and failing those things do a factory reset? The reset is not very painful.

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This is also reminding me that (I think) there was some sort of T&C change with Apple that required the user to accept something new. There is another thread somewhere about this issue. I think it had to do more with updates, but maybe that’s the cause?

I seem to recall seeing something a few months ago about T&C having to be accepted on a separate Apple device - but I may be wrong.

Yes, have done, but same issue :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I just did an uninstall and reinstall of Zwift and still have the problem. I logged in and changed settings, closed with force close, waited a few hours, and it’s forgotten log in.

I factory reset the Apple TV and though it’s only been a couple days, it seems to be working. I have checked a few times each day and so far it has remembered my login and settings.


I too having the same issues having to recalibrate every time and losing settings is a pain every time to the point where today I just don’t have time to do it so I won’t go on today is it possible for this to be fixed ASAP?

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Same here @Andy_Linquist
I decided to reset the Apple TV which was surprisingly quick to do (about 30 mins)
I am also going to force shutdown the Zwift app now after each ride which I wasn’t doing previously
Zwift is now remembering my login details and config
Thanks for all the great comments on this forum

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Hey I have already done this and it’s still resetting any idea how to get this resolved I’m now not using it as can’t be recalibrating every day!!

Hey @Dan_Tyler if you’ve reset your Apple TV and are force shutting down Zwift each time and it is still not holding your settings I’m not sure what to do next as that points to something possibly larger than the Apple TV box or Zwift, possibly the trainer having issues
Wondering if you connect the trainer to other trainer apps?
Sorry, wish I could be more help

I would also go through the reset process for your network after factory resetting Apple TV. Usually this involves unplugging your modem and router and the replugging in your modem and router (in that order).

I’m having the same issue. I reinstalled the latest version and my OS is up to date. It doesn’t remember my login or my settings.
each time I login, I have to redo the setting.

You need to Factory Reset (not just restart) the Apple TV. Just reinstalling Zwift with the current TV Os isn’t enough. After resetting my Apple TV, it’s run as it should for the last 5 months. Yes it’s annoying but it is very likely to solve your problem.

Okay, thanks! giving it a try and I’ll report back