AppleTV login problem [October 2021]

Cant seem to log into zwift on appletv, i can put the letters into the password box but as soon as i go onto the numbers to put them in, it wont let me and automatically goes back to log in screen, has anyone else had this

yes having the same problem, did you find a way around this?

Not yet, ive tried everything, even had 3 different convos with zwift ambassadors. They want me to record a little video of the problem to send back to them. Im gunna try one last thing before i do, i brought a bluetooth keyboard to try. Will let you know if that works. So frustrating

Hi i sorted it by using a £20 bluetooth keyboard from amazon

Hi @stuart_church and @Aaron_Truscott welcome to Zwift forums

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked into what’s happening on our server accounts and noticed that both of you are slightly outdated versions of the Zwift game app. You’re both on v.1.0.80953.

Please visit the App Store from your Zwifting computer and manually force the update? Would you let us know if that clears any issues?

Also @Aaron_Truscott I don’t see an AppleTV in your history, only an iPad has been used to Zwift. Please verify?

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First time using Apple tv which is probably the reason for not seeing my log in attempts

Encountered the same problem after resetting everything back to factory settings, try and select a number or special character and it closes the dialogue box

Managed to get around it by turning dictate on and speaking into the remote otherwise I would have had to connect a keyboard. Very frustrating and a lot of time wasted this evening but not the end of the world.


tvOS has a native autofill behavior that makes it really important to enter your username & password correctly.

  1. Don’t use the tab key to toggle from the username field to the password field. This action can add an (invisible) space at the end of the username
  2. If you flub the password - retype the entire password. (i.e. “passwordZ” incorrectly entered instead of “passwordY” you can’t just go back and delete the Z.
  3. A little bit more obscure, but if you have the Siri Remote with the arrow keys - be careful to hit one button at a time. If you hit Down + Select at the same time, it can close text entry.

I am defo using the updated version of the app 83765. I had to buy a keyboard to log in. Took 2 days in order to find the solution. Even with having a web chat with 2 different zwift techies

I suddenly cant login on apple tv zwift app any longer - it does always say there is a problem with the internet commection which is wrong. Works well with iPhone App though. Can’t use apple tv zwift app at all by one min to the other :confused:

How do you know that there isn’t an issue with the internet connection? I’m not saying there is, but curious how you know this to be true. My ATV is working as expected, so I think it may not be a Zwift issue.

Simply because all other Apps work well.strong text

When does this message appear, is it when you’re already in game? I wonder if it’s the ambiguous “connection failure” message, which often refers to the connection to your trainer/HRM.