Zwift can't update on Apple TV. Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions message

I have seen several members struggling to update the Zwift app on Apple TV. The same happend to me.
When asked to update the Zwift app you are asked to agree to terms and conditions, however, after clicking OK, a message shows up saying: " coming soon". The only solution has been to delete the app and reinstall, which is more or less infeasible due to the frequent updates of the Zwift app.

After a lot of research, I found out that the problem most likely is related to a bug where Apple doesn’t register that terms and conditions have been accepted. However, this can be accepted in other ways than in the Zwift app.
I have only used the Apple TV for Zwift and therefore not used any of the other apps which may be a part of the problem.
So my solution was to open the Apple Music app on the Apple TV and sign up for a free trial. After signin up, you are asked to accept T and C. You are then asked to give payment information but I just opted out of this option.
After this, it is possible to update the Zwift app.

Hey Rasmus, another option for Apple TV users who don’t own any other iOS devices is to accept the media terms and conditions through iTunes on their PC. Users can navigate to the iTunes store and download a free TV Show episode. By doing that you’ll be prompted to accept Apple’s new media terms and conditions. After doing so you should no longer get the notification on your Apple TV and can update Zwift as necessary.

can’t find any free stuff on itunes ?
can you give me a hint what TV Show i should search for?

Or does someone else has any idea to solve the problem?

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I was one of the users that originated this - nothing solved it (had to manually uninstall and reinstall the entire Zwift app and then re-logon each time there was an update… huge hassle!) The end solution was to create an Apple account for Apple 4K TV, then to ensure that I was logged on to that account before trying to update Zwift. If I was logged on the updates flow smoothly.
Advantage: yes, having YET ANOTHER LOGON is a real pain, but I could update Zwift without having to go through all the steps
Disadvantage: if you reset or restart your Apple TV you’ll have to log into Apple again. Logons are not durable…

Thanks for the tip, yes that helps, but is that really the solution? And do you have to do that with every update? Can you then start a trial month each time? Probably not.
In the meantime, does anyone know if Apple or Zwift is responsible for this? If it’s Apple’s fault, why isn’t any other app affected?

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This is such a nuisance. I loose about 10-15mins each update with uninstall, reinstall nonsense.

I’d forego different styling on robopacers for basic functionality fixes.

Sort it out Zwift.

Hey all - we wanted to clarify that the "Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions have changed" message is generated by tvOS, not by Zwift. It is a known tvOS issue on the Apple support site. This affects Zwift, but the fix needs to come from Apple’s side.

There are different workarounds mentioned upstream.

  • If you have another Apple device - you can accept the Apple Media Services T&C on that.
  • If you don’t have another Apple device - you can open the Apple Music app on Apple TV as noted upstream.
  • If the only thing you do on your AppleTV is run Zwift - you can factory reset the AppleTV and that will also clear this issue during the reset / login / check tvOS for updates process.
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This has happened to me with the last two zwift updates.

Zwift says update needed
Click update
Message says new terms and conditions need accepting.
Click to view - “coming soon”

So I have to delete zwift and reinstall from scratch every time

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your suggestions.

I do not have another Apple device, unfortunately.

The Apple Music idea sounds nice, except that Apple wants my credit card to sign up for a “free” trial. No thanks.

I called Apple Support on the phone a couple months ago. They are super nice people and are very patient. They also suggested a factory reset, which i did…unfortunately, it was a very time consuming process that did not fix the problem at all.

This is so dumb. Fix this, Apple.