Apple TV update advice

This isn’t a Zwift issue, but I expect there are some Apple TV users here. (I’m trying to make do with an Apple TV as my PC is broken at the moment.)

Today, Zwift prompted me that it needed to be updated.

I went to try and update it in the update store, but got this:

Fair enough, I can do that.

But no.

There doesn’t seem to be a way of updating Zwift. Is this a common problem?

Is the only way to delete it and reinstall? It seems like that will only prompt me to accept new T&C anyway, so I must be missing something. I do hope I don’t need to type my password in again - it took several minutes last time.

So much for the much-vaunted “It just works!” of Apple devices. :rofl:

Can’t say I’ve noticed that issue mine just works :rofl:

I use PC 90% of the time other than 1 race per week and that’s all the ATV gets used for now with it usually auto updating itself.

As you suggest maybe try a uninstall and reinstall of the app

It might be related to this “Apple TV apparently requires iCloud terms and conditions to be accepted using a device running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16”.

The issue has been rumbling around since the start of the year and, as far as I’m aware, people still haven’t been able to get Apple to confirm that this is their intent or just an error in the ATV firmware meaning it being treated as not meeting the requirements for acknowledging the T&Cs.

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I don’t have an iOS device. That page links to a supposed walk-through for accepting the T&C in iCloud, but the page is a 404. :frowning:

Oh, apparently I do need to sign out and then back in, although several people report that doesn’t work. I already hate this gadget. No way I want to use it for Zwift long term, it’s a pretty horrible experience compared to a PC.

I bought an ATV 4k on Cyber Monday (screamin’ deal I couldn’t resist), and also ran into that shortly thereafter. I’m told it’s a one-time message. I uninstalled Zwift / reinstalled to get past it.

The Apple ecosystem isn’t always friendly to the PC / Android fans among us.


Ok, gotta ask… just how long is your password?

Generally, I use passwords that are at least 20 characters. The thing that takes the time is keep swapping between upper and lower case and moving between the letters, as it’s a pretty long-winded task using the Apple TV remote control.

My password manager master password is 52 characters long, but that’s a pass phrase that is simpler to type.

That did work and didn’t prompt me to re-enter my Apple ID password.

I did have to re-enter my Zwift password though, so swings and roundabouts. :rofl:

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Entering a long password on ATV using the remote is a right pain, especially since the on-screen “keyboard” for that is ridiculous and displayed as long lines in alphabetical order. It’s a lot easier with a BT keyboard, but why on earth Apple couldn’t provide a better interface to use the remote for this is a mystery. Thankfully, it’s rare that I have to enter my password.