Update availability for Apple app

I’m stuck riding on my own until the update is available in the Apple App Store as I only run Zwift through my App. Not much fun. How far away is the update? Thanks

You shouldn’t be riding on your own even if you haven’t got the update. That sounds like a networking issue.

But on the update, is it not in the App Store if you go and look? I got my Apple TV update two days ago.

Very strange that this has coincided with the update? Not Apple TV update, Apple App update - I run Zwift through my phone (which runs through a screen via HDMI cable)

I was referring to the Zwift app update on my Apple TV. If the Apple TV app was approved a couple of days ago, I’d be very surprised if the iPhone app update was still not there.

I’m not entirely clear - have you been into the App Store specifically to look for the update?

Hi Steve
Yes I have the latest version available from the App Store. Strange thing is when I run Zwift through my computer (using my phone as a hotspot) I don’t have any issues. So scratching my head on how it could be a connectivity issue. Anyway - I’m not a big believer in coincidences so must somehow be related to update

What version are you running on your phone? If it’s the latest 1.10, it might be worth deleting it and reinstalling it, to see if that makes a difference.

I just realised, 1.10.1 was just released in the last few hours, but that’s just a small fix for 1.10.0. Don’t know if that’s in the App Store yet.