Zwift App vanished from Apple TV App Store

I went to download the Zwift App onto my Apple TV this morning, and it is not showing in the App Store.
My fellow cyclist friends have the same Apple TV as mine, and they have it installed and running no problems. Is this just a temporary issue? or is it gone for good?

Hi Mark,
I don’t think the Zwift app has been withdrawn; this could just be a minor local Apple server blip. In your position, I’d try power cycling my Apple TV and searching again, making sure there are no rogue spaces or anything else in the search field.
Coincidentally, I loaded the Zwift app on an Apple TV last night with no issues here in Switzerland.

What country/territory are you in?

What model of Apple TV do you have? If you have one with a “Siri” remote (the original black one, or the new chunky silver one) then Zwift will run on your Apple TV.

I know two others here in the UK who have the same issue, so it cant be my particular Apple TV.
Mine is the 4K one, so it should be tip top.

I guess its a local App Store in the UK issue…

Can anybody at Zwift confirm this please?

I’m in the UK, and I can see Zwift in the App Store on my Apple TV.

It’s a Sunday :slight_smile:

We haven’t taken down Zwift for AppleTV users. Just flagging this internally to see if we’re getting other reports.

I went back to the Apple TV again, and without doing anything it came back up in the App Store search results. I have now downloaded, and told my cyclist friends to go and grab it now themselves!

My guess is that it was temporarily missing from the App Store. Probably nothing to do with Zwift themselves, and just a quirk. Interesting however that it was not just me who experienced it, so it was definitely not related to my own device/account etc. .