Apple TV Update March 3, 2020

Anyone else having issues with the latest ATV update? It showed up sometime yesterday but doesn’t seem to actually download. It gets part of the way and then either stops or tries to start over again. I have attempted multiple times and rebooted the ATV multiple times, also. The only thing I haven’t yet tried is deleting the app and reinstalling ‘fresh’, but I want that to be my last resort as I may never see my current 5 second power number again! :crazy_face:

Also: when it is trying to download the update is REALLY slow.

not sure if it related, but my wife attempted to use zwift earlier via ATV and it wouldn’t open the programme. The little blue dot was next to the title of the app, which usually denotes it has been updated.

but no matter how many times she clicked on it to open it, it did nothing.

I am at work so cant investigate further, but will do when home… very odd.

@Nigel_Tufnel and @Mat_Pewsey

Thanks both for flagging it up. I’ve alerted our QA team to look into this from their end.

@Nigel_Tufnel and @Mat_Pewsey
Any chance your ATV is in the same room as your WiFI router? Can you hard wire it with Ethernet and see what happens?

If no: can we have more insight on your network setup? Is it a fairly standard residential WiFi setup?
Is it more involved with repeaters, or a mesh network?
Are there known areas with not-great WiFi performance?
If there’s something beyond a simple home WiFi setup, please let us know?
Is there VPN involved?

I’d say my setup is pretty straightforward. No VPN, no repeaters, no mesh. Signal is strong where the ATV is located and have never had any issues with updates previously. ATV is not close enough to router to hardwire, though.

@shooj after about 10 attempts over two days, a couple of which involved hardwiring the ATV, Zwift finally updated. It still took about 20 minutes, which was really odd since my iPad on the same network took less than a minute.

That’s odd, @Nigel_Tufnel. Time for a new iPhone, I guess?

JK. If the iPhone is running sluggish and being problematic in other ways, maybe it’s time to back up the phone and hard reset?

my issue is resolved, I deleted the app, reinstalled and all is good!

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@shooj No issues with any iPhone. The slow download was on a recent Apple TV 4K. iPhone (really old) and iPad updates had no issues at all.

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Sorry! Got mixed up with something else.

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