Apple TV Update problem " soon available"

I have a Apple TV 4k and Zwift says that I have to do a update, if I klick yes, there is the info that this update is available soon. I refreshed the ATV, have installed Zwift new, all Updates are set to automatic, WiFi is there, can anybody tell me how to fix that problem?

I guess you´re refering to this problem: Can´t update on AppleTV

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Hi @s11 Tschenz,

I’m Steven with the Zwift tech support team. Sorry to hear about that error message, and that does seem frustrating.

I translated the error to English, and it does seem like a rather strange error. I investigated it, and it seems the previous recommendation from Sepp is logical. I would concur that trying the suggestions from that other Forums thread might be helpful.

I also found this Apple community discussion thread, which said that some users have had success resolving the issue by deleting the Zwift app, and doing a fresh install from the app store. For that, I believe we have some basic instructions at the bottom of this article, under the section entitled iOS, Android, tvOS.

Hope that helps and if not, I’d suggest contacting our support team directly here, and our team can explore the issue in more depth.