Cannot login on Apple TV app after latest update [February 2024] [1.57.3]

I updated the app on Apple TV today, then found I could not login. Zwift would not recognise me, nor my password.

I have logged into Zwift on my laptop using the same email address and password - no problems.

I uninstalled the Zwift app from my Apple TV, then re-installed it. Same problem.

I tried the option of “adding an existing user” but that did not work either. I tried re-setting the password from within the app, but was prompted: “Do you want to re-set the password for ‘s’ ?” (just “s” not my email address or any name or email.) If I clicked ‘yes’ I did not get any password re-set link.

Is this related in any way to the latest update? I cannot work out what else I can do…

It’s an old bug and it’s so annoying. It appears not for all update and sometimes if you start app juste before update it can work but not always.

It’s not only at login but, all settings disappear in my case (power in instant and not 3s avg, disable neo feel, show graph power, disable chat & the most important disable the music !)

I check each changelog to see if the issue is fixed in the current release but … no.

If you have a good password generate by a password manager like 1Password it’s a nightmare.

Thanks for that Simon. What is the workaround?

Hi @Shane_Sody! Welcome to Zwift Forums and bringing this to our attention, I appreciate the time invested in trying those workarounds to log into your Apple TV, and I value you have your devices up to date.

I kindly suggest logging out from Zwift on all your devices, including your laptop, and then force closing on your Apple TV, to do that you can follow the steps found here.