Don’t update Apple TV app! It will lock you out

Don’t update to 1.0.34046 on Apple TV yet. It won’t allow logins after you update. I’m locked out of the two Apple TVs we use for zwift. Hoping they come up with a quick fix. So I can get my quick fix. Ha.

Same problem for me…

Sorry for the trouble - we found the issue. Our test (QA) accounts all work in the build we released, but indeed customer accounts won’t be able to log in.

We expect this to be fixed in about 12 hours as we’ve submitted a new build to Apple.


yep me to, very frustrating. didn’t know there was an update due

Same problem have automatic update on arrrh

Well that’s a real treat when you get up at 430 am to cycle before work. Guess it’s Yoga today.

Same issue here - get up at 5am - so it’ll be stretching and weight training this morn.

This has stuffed me too, really frustrated

Same here. Companion app and computer are logging me in, but Apple TV isn’t recognizing my user name and password combo. :frowning:

Spent way too long on this!

ZWIFT – Make sure you post something when it is fixed so we can be sure to grab the latest update and be sure it is fixed.

Please post the latest apple TV build number once it is available on the app store.

Same problem - after resetting my password now the iPhone app has the same problem

Same here. Auto updated and now locked out.

Thanks for the update. The fact that all your test (QA) accounts work highlights a very large fundamental flaw in your testing protocol. I trust that will be reviewed post mortem.


Same here, lost few hours due to this problem. When will it be resolved?

Yes to wake up at 4:30 am to ride Zwift and have these technical issues is a bummer - spent way to long trying to fix my Apple TV set up only to read the warning on software issues after I had already updated it… would have been nice to get an email from the Zwift team

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Same problem here. 2pm in Germany.

Yes same problem, i almost destroyed my house because of it… trying to log in, reseting passwords, reseting blablabla so much frustration!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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An email warning us of this issue would of saved many people unnessecary stress and anger!!! You found out many hours ago, sending an email takes seconds!!! :rage:


Yep - just bought an apple tv today - tried to login repeatedly. Just looked on this forum and found out it was Zwift’s problem not the ATV. Come on guys. I nearly wiped my account.