My Meetup people cannot see me but I can see them

My Meetup people cannot see me but I can see.

Hi @James_Stevens2, welcome to the forums. Are you using a Wattbike or Kickr Bike with steering enabled? That has been known to cause the invisibility you are describing.

No I am trainor is cyclops Hamwe with an Apple TV hookup to my LG Straight Talk phone

Check out this other thread that came up yesterday, also on Apple TV. Try force closing Zwift and see if that helps the next time you ride.

What is ‘force closing’?

Okay thank you my daughter says I live in the Stone Age so I talked to her husband that he’s a technical whiz guy so he’s going to help me work through this with the force close thing we’ll see if it works

Yeah the other thread that you sent sounds like my issue but I still don’t see how if he had an answer