Invisible in Meet Ups

When I join meet up I created. Other riders are not able to see me, but I am able to see them. This is not a race, just a casual social meetup with our club. This happened twice to me so far.

This can happen if the internet bandwidth is really slow and your game is timing out as a result. Are you by any chance running the game over cell phone data?

Either way, please run a speed test and let us know the results for ping, download and upload speeds.

I have done a speed nothing else is running while I am on Zwift. Not on phone, using home internet via WIFI. I have boosters in the house.
Ping id 22 Download is 141 Upload is 12

My ride at 530 yesterday I was invisible. Ride at 630 I was visible.

Are you a ZED retailer, possibly?

I am not a retailer

Really outside chance, but have you ever customized the prefs.xml file that controls your in-game preferences?

Just started using it this past month. No ideas how to do the .xml