Invisible in Meet Ups

When I join meet up I created. Other riders are not able to see me, but I am able to see them. This is not a race, just a casual social meetup with our club. This happened twice to me so far.

This can happen if the internet bandwidth is really slow and your game is timing out as a result. Are you by any chance running the game over cell phone data?

Either way, please run a speed test and let us know the results for ping, download and upload speeds.

I have done a speed nothing else is running while I am on Zwift. Not on phone, using home internet via WIFI. I have boosters in the house.
Ping id 22 Download is 141 Upload is 12

My ride at 530 yesterday I was invisible. Ride at 630 I was visible.

Are you a ZED retailer, possibly?

I am not a retailer

Really outside chance, but have you ever customized the prefs.xml file that controls your in-game preferences?

Just started using it this past month. No ideas how to do the .xml

Sorry to dig up an old thread… my wife just started having this issue the last couple of meetups she’s done. She can see everyone else, so its not an internet thing, but her friends cant see her.

She never had this problem before, and i dont have the issue on my account. We dont customise any settings and we’ve tried different devices. She’s tried changing her privacy settings, not that she was private, but no change.

Any ideas? Researching this is hard as most results are about the zwift meetup hiding other riders option, this was the only thread i could find!

Is she on a Wattbike or Kickr Bike?

Kickr bike but we’ve had that for months and its only been a problem in the last 2 weeks and its still fine for me on the same bike

This problem started cropping up sometimes on Kickr bikes since steering functionality was introduced recently on those bikes. Not everyone with a Kickr bike is reporting it.

It can’t be an internet issue because she wouldn’t see any other riders either when they can’t see her.

yeah knew it wasnt the internet because weve been through the loop of having crap connection a couple of years ago!

But cheers for sharing, hadnt come across that so far. Weird it’s only affecting her account and not mine!

@Andrew_Bonjour I’m having the same issue as your wife. When it happens, I can see all the other riders and their messages but they can’t see me or my messages. I have a kickr (not a kickr bike), and I run zwift on apple tv and companion on my iPhone. It also makes my position number incorrect and always shows me at the back of the pack.

To add to this weirdness, my wife and I use the same kickr, connected to the same Apple TV, with different Zwift accounts, and she pretty consistently hasn’t been appearing in events whereas I don’t seem to have this problem :confused: