Avatar Not Visible in Race (Apple TV)

Tonight I raced the WTRL TTT at 9:30 PM US EDT in the C / Espresso Pen tonight.

I was able to see and draft off my teammates for the entire ride; however, they were unable to see or draft off me. I have a teammate who streamed the race, so we have a recording of it. I rode in their group of 5-7 riders the whole race, and could see them the whole time but they could not see me. No equipment issues or connectivity issues, just a glitch.

Our TTT team rides together each week, and there were no equipment changes from prior weeks. I race all of the time and have never experienced this for me.

The only similar issue I’ve noticed was on the Paris course. I did the A race Sunday night at 9:00 PM US EDT, and I was certain I got 2nd in the sprint. The results on Zwift power showed me in 3rd, and I was definitely only passed by a single rider. I was unable to see the riding who won.

Hoping this is a known issue and a software update coming out soon.

Hi @Michael_Flanagan_PAC welcome to Zwift forum

Those symptoms sound like the expected behavior when you join an event or Meetup late. Did you allow yourself plenty of time to log in, join the event, warm up in the pen, etc?

It is definitely a bug. I cross posted on the WTRL (race promoter) Facebook page and multiple other teams have reported the same issue. Each time with Apple TV hardware as the common factor.

I was in the pen 3-4 minutes in advance of the race. The race doesn’t even allow late join.

I could see other riders and draft off them the entire race. However they could not see me at any point in the race.

I have supporting screenshots and video.

While the images were taken at a moment in time, our TTT team rode together the whole race and the behavior remained the whole race. It also wasn’t a network issue, as I was able to see and draft their avatars the whole race.

How do we report as an actual bug?

We’d want to see your log files. Please write in to support@zwift.com and one of our agents can assist.
Please reference this discussion’s URL so you don’t have to re-explain the story.

Visuals are helpful. If you would post that video on youtube or wherever, please embed that video’s URL here so we can see it.

We’d also also like to hear from others who experienced what you experienced (i.e.: others who were not seen, as opposed to people who didn’t see you). Please have them weigh in on this thread so we can ID them.


This happened to Stuart Hardy. Joined us in good time. Sat in the pen with us for 8 mins as we waited to start. Then as we started, we couldn’t see him. He could see us.

You can see from my video, that zwiftpower didn’t recognise his tag, so he doesn’t appear in our team grouping.

Thank you for sharing this video. Can you help me out and tell me when Stuart appears (what minute / second mark)?

We also need to see things from Stuart’s end (log files, not a video), now that you’ve shared the video from your POV. Would you ask Stuart to

  1. Check in here so we can look at the session data for this event
  2. Also send us the log files on his computer?

I just received an error when attempting to upload images and include the stream URL. Do you have a suggestion?

I was in WTRL on 23 July and had similar issue on ATV
Entered pens
Full field visible
Entered pairing screen for 8m warm up
Came back to pens
All participants were gone
I rode the race
Ended - no results
Saved ride and got error saying unable to connect to Zwift servers


I was also on Apple TV, this seems to be the common thread running through this. I don’t know if it’s even possible to extract the logs from ATV? However the Zwift Activity ID for my event was 600755639701579632 I was also in the pen well before the banner dropped (maybe 5 minutes?), however it’s worth noting that it was the WTRL Premier League which is a secret sign on event.

I quit after about 2.5 miles as it was apparent that no one could see me and I was offering no draft benefit to the team. I could draft off them however, and all other rider avatars were visible to me throughout.

I didn’t appear for anyone else for the entirety of the time I was in the event, it was like having a permanent ghost powerup.

Thanks, Stuart


I’ve added both log files for the 23rd in case I’m being blonde and give you the wrong one! I’ll ask Stu to share whatever data he has with you. He never appears in this video. Yet, he could see us, we never saw him, our avatars never picked him up, we couldn’t draft off him even when he was in front of us. All comms that evening were on discord so there’s no record but the way it went was as follows.

We waited in the pen until our 8 min delay was up, he slightly overshot the start and was 12s ahead of us but dropped back to us, he rode with us for about half of the first lap. He could see us but we never saw him and he doesn’t show in any results.

I’ll see what data he can add to this scenario. We would all have clicked the Premier League ‘secret’ link to access this race and were all sat in Pen A waiting to start.



(Attachment Log (old 2).txt is missing)

(Attachment Log (old 1).txt is missing)

Doh! His info is above my reply, the e-mail posted straight to the forum. Stuart Hardy is the rider in question.

Everyone: thanks for your patience. This one’s been a real thicket to look through, and I have more questions than firm answers at this point.

Common threads are:

  1. WTRL TTT Elite events. Is anyone reporting this on a non- Elite (meaning private) event from WTRL? It is possible that something on the server side related to these events might be at play.
    That said: we looked at the event configurations, and they seem to be set up correctly.

All the WTRL TTT events are set up so you will only see avatars within your category. This makes sense because the categories start only one minute apart. This might come into play if you cut it really close to entering the pen for your event. More on this in a minute.

  1. AppleTV is the other common thread. First platform-related variable I’d like to eliminate is an outdated version of tvOS. Current version is 13.4.8, and all three of you who were invisible are running outdated OS’es.

@Michael_Flanagan_PAC and @Stuart_Hardy_BRT your ATV’s are both on v.13.4.6, and @Daron_Letch yours is on v 13.4.0. Please update your Apple TV’s.

  1. All three of you showed up for your respective events within 4 minutes or less remaining. If the time setting on your AppleTV box is off by a few minutes, you may think you have plenty of time, but you don’t.

Updating the OS should also reset your time zone and sync the OS with a time server. However - let’s eliminate this variable while you’re at it. Please sync your ATV’s date and time setting by following these steps.

We looked at the setup of this week’s WTRL TTT events, and they look correct. I’d like to see if this glitch reoccurs after you update the OS and check your time settings. Please allow yourself to get in the pen a good 20 minutes ahead of time and don’t step out to warm up elsewhere.

Would you all mind looping back next week to let us know what happened? I feel invested in getting this resolved.

Quick Question @Daron_Letch. Did you leave the event while warming up?

Im asking because while on the paring screen you can see around the pairing screen.

Thanks for the thorough look! That’s interesting as I went to the appstore the other day and it said no update… However I’ll go and check it again tomorrow.

I’m not racing Premier League this week, but I would suspect its more likely to be ATV than the event based on what others have said.

I’ll see what happens on Thursday! Probably never be able to replicate it again :roll_eyes:

Cheers, Stuart

Hi @Gerrie_Delport nope. I just went into pairing screen as usual, then cam back out in time for our 8 minute start.

@shooj thanks for the investigation. As @Stuart_Hardy_BRT commented also, i have ATV set to auto update and regularly check for updates too. But will still check again today. Ill make sure its updated and monitor.
I also have time set to auto update so the clock shouldnt be an issue. Ill report back on here after Thursday’s event. Cheers Daron

hi @shooj - did the update of the ATV. Didn’t have any issues tonight so lets put it down to ATV not being updated. Ill keep an eye on this as i have a dedicated ATV for zwift which only comes on to zwift then goes off. Being ‘in use’ all the time wont allow the ‘auto update’ for software updates to kick in as it cant update when i am using it. Appreciate looking into this for us. Ride on…Daron


Thanks for looping back Daron. Hopefully the other two will also have smooth sailing now.

Likewise, nothing similar since, however nothing similar previously either! So hopefully it was ATV version or just a glitch in the matrix and won’t happen again.

Thanks for the insight and help.

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This same issue has popped up again. In the last two races, I “won”, however, I was invisible to all other racers. Seems to be an issue that is broader than just AppleTV. I have found support to be non-responsive. Can you please handoff to someone in support so it can be prioritized? This is becoming a pretty substantial issue and at some point a pro race will likely be impacted by this issue. In both races I attacked with 1km to go but nobody could see me to counter, and in both I was able to win.