Flickering avatar [1.16.x] [AppleTV, iOS]

Hello, I’ve been having flickering problems for about two weeks now. I’ve checked other Zwift forum posts about this problem but mine is a weird one and unique from the others. My avatar and others avatar would flicker but it only happens in a certain event which is the Team Vegan Mixed Salad Group Ride. Zwift would run perfectly if I ride just normally out of an event and would still run perfectly in races and other group events. It just flickers in this one event! This is frustrating since I lead the Team Vegan Mixed Salad Group Ride every other week and its a huge problem. Nobody else in the group ride has the problem, it was only me. This is the second week I’ve been having flickering problems in the Team Vegan group ride. I run Zwift on a Apple TV (4th gen) + Roku smart tv (60hz).

Hope this has a fix!

Hi @Josh_Luna welcome to Zwift forums.

I see you did today’s Team Vegan Mixed Salad ride.
Has it happened before in this get together?
Have you seen this during other events?
Does the flickering happen in free ride mode, or in workouts?

Hello! It started flickering in last week’s Team Vegan Mixed Salad and did it again today. It only flickers in this event and has never flickered in other events, free ride, and workouts.

Thanks for the added context. We’re looking into it.

Ok great. Thanks!

Any updates on fixing the flickering?


I am experiencing the exact same issue as the OP (Original Post).

Any updates?


Does said flicker cause you to lose draft and potentially get dropped ?

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Yes the flickering seems like its removing the draft, its very easy to get dropped because of it. I need to put much more power just to keep up with the group.


I ran into this issue during a group ride and it only happened on Titans Grove. Which is odd because i was on titans sunday doing Baseline ride with no issues.

I am having the exact same issue. I was on the Herd C ride last week going absolutely fine in with the group finding the pace fine then all of a sudden my avatar started flashing and I gradually slipped back and that was it out of the group and unable to keep up. It’s almost like the avatar judders backwards.

I tried a Herd C ride again tonight and from the moment I started the avatar was juddering and I couldn’t stay with the group. I can concur it’s as though your riding on your own no draft. My watts per kg was a lot more than the group around me and I couldn’t keep up. Ended up leaving the event and the moment I did everything was fine.

UPDATE: Tried a different event today. ZZRC Groovy Train. No problems at all. Also don’t have any issues following the C Pace Partner. So currently it’s just the Herd C Ride I seem to have issues with.


Joining KAB ride tomorrow morning in Paris, will report back :crossed_fingers:


Joined the herd Friyay ride in France. I am riding on iOS, and flickering seems to be really bad. My avatar and avatars around me were flickering every few seconds. Got a screen recording of it that I will upload shortly. First time I have seen this. Here is the recording: Zwift Avatar flicker bug - YouTube

Yikes. They changed memory usage on closed platform lower end systems a good while back, maybe that’s gone wrong somehow. Big group rides being a trigger.

Flickering happened to me today on the KISS at Base Training Ride. I lost the draft and ended up quitting. I then restarted my app and rode in France alone. No problem there. I use ATV non-4K.

Any ideas?

So, since last post i rodeFriday with KAB on Letuce with no issues and today, Dirt Endurance ride on Volcano Flat, also no issues.

Wow, it started instantly for you. Thats frustrating

Yeah. Since then I have done a ZA recovery ride and a ISRT race, have not seen this issue in either of them.

Seems like it only happens on certain courses. Which I don’t Get.
Maybe the graphics are particularly tricky there?
Also wonder if there is a certain number of riders above which it triggers that