Some avatars flickering in large bunch

I was riding with the C(oco) Cadence bunch this morning and, for a few minutes after the turnaround in Saddle Springs, some (but not all) of the avatars in the bunch started flickering badly. It appeared, at first, to just be the back row of the visible bunch, but I did notice a few at the front also flickering. The majority, including my own avatar, were normal.

I had a thought that it might be related to only displaying the closest 100 riders, with the churn of the bunch having riders pop in and out of that cutoff. That doesn’t seem right, tho, as the riders at the back flickering were very close to me (some right next to me) and there were many several meters ahead of me in the bunch who appeared normal. There was also the rate of change. It wasn’t just a couple riders disappearing and a couple popping up as they shift back and forth, it looked like a couple dozen riders flickering in and out a couple times a second.

Several other people said they were seeing the same thing. It stopped for me as we were entering the Oasis, but I did see it happen at a much smaller impact, just a 3 or 4 riders, a few times after that.

This was on a fully updated iPad.

My first guess would be that the iPad isn’t powerful enough for the large groups and that is what you are experiencing. I did the Wedu Wednesday ride yesterday with over 1500 people and didn’t have any graphic issues using my PC with a decent graphics card.

@Trey_Gruel: we have probably noticed the same behaviour; I have described my >>observation here<< also running Zwift on an iPad. Also: others confirmed this via chat and someone asked who’s going to report this annoying behaviour. So did I - but no reaction. I have also a video on hand showing this flashing of avatars - which is hardly bearable. Unfortunatly uploading of videos is not possible. And no: it does not depend on the graphics or capability of my iPad or network connection. Everthing else was smooth, I did never have any issues before and this flickering is something isolated.


I regularly ride with Coco, as well as large group events, and have never had this issue before. It’s not a graphics performance issue, like the riderless bikes, it was more like the perimeter of the visible avatars was rapidly updating with a much higher rate of change than I’ve ever seen before.

I was in the same group and someone (maybe it was you) mentioned the flickering. Oddly enough, it looked fine on my end. I get bad flickering sometimes when I’m riding by myself in areas where there aren’t many other riders around, sometimes it happens in big groups… doesn’t seem to make a difference. Win 10 PC with a crappy graphics card.

Seems to be an iOS issue, as the same is happening to many on Apple 4KTV.

No, it’s not the GPU. Nor the CPU.
Not the internet connection, either.

Hopefully will be fixed in the next patch

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perhaps this bug has been reintroduced?

This wasn’t the riderless bikes, this was the whole avatar (rider+bike) flickering in and out a couple times a second, but only at the extremes of the visible group on screen (some at the very front, then like the whole back row or two).

I get this too on my Apple TV 4K setup, have to look away from the screen until it passes off.

I am having the same problem on 2 identical machines running side by side with 4k Apple TV just started 3 rides ago Both have the very same problem doing different ride routes

Noticed this today. Same manifestation of symptoms described above. This running on an Apple TV 4K 32GB on the latest OS release and latest Zwift release.

I was riding alongside with my wife in a large event, me on AppleTV, my wife on Windows 10. The flickering was unbearable on AppleTV, on Windows everything was absolutely smooth at the same time.

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Same issue today riding with Coco on Apple TV. Need a strobe light warning :slight_smile:

Yes, on Apple TV 4K it’s almost seizure inducing being towards the back of a group.

same here on the AHDR Bacon Rolls ride using AppleTV. It was okay when the bunch was strung out but at certain points when the group would “blob up” the flickering of other riders around me was unbearable. Other riders in the group were also mentioning it happening to them.

I am going to try and get a subscription credit until this problem is sorted out, as bunch rides are just way to painful a visual experience at the moment.

I’ve been getting this on a PC at times. Restarting Zwift fixes the issue.

Windows 11, RTX3080, AMD 3900x, latest drivers.

Your problem will probably be due to high frame rates, like this: new launcher

If so, there’s a workaround here: New launcher (1.0.51) causing stutter on Windows systems - #49 by Dave_ZPCMR

Not sure I’d consider 40fps in a blob on my potato pc high tho :slight_smile:

Different issue then, apologies.