Flickering after Dec 17 Update

After the Dec 17 update, the rider avatars are now flickering during my ride. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have not noted this at all on Apple TV app.

I am now having this issue as well. Got a new laptop i7-10870, rtx2060, running on ultra settings. The rider is flickering, but the bike and surrounding world are not. It’s not just me either, it does the same when watching others riding around Watopia. Very distracting and messes with my eyes/head.

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I’m having this issue too on my windows machine - started after the latest update

I am having this problem too, but only in certain places. Watopia and London City have both been fine but it happens on most of the routes on the Surrey Hills, including the tube stations/tunnels.
As well as the riders flickering, the shadows cast by the riders flicker (the bikes and the bike shadows are still visible).
It happened when it was only me visible on the screen, and when there were loads of other riders around.

I’ve got a GTX1650 Ti with the latest drivers.

The worlds change tomorrow so I’ll see if it also happens in Innsbruck
Update: Same thing is happening on Innsbruck. I did the Achterbahn route and there was flickering on all sections of it, but going up the mountain (both directions) I was also getting a flash of a black square every now and then.

I will try changing some settings on my graphics card. I changed them mid ride, but I don’t it takes effect until you restart the game. The FPS limit definitely didn’t take effect.

I’m running the game at 1080p ultra on Windows 10, GPU was running at 90% @ 72 FPS. Reducing the resolution during the game to 720p doesn’t solve the issue.

I’m also having this issue. Got a brand new Alienware M15 laptop and thought it was that, but don’t think its computer specific seeing other folks with this issue.

Glad to know I am not the only one having this issue. I bought a brand new gaming laptop with a high end graphics card to run Zwift and this is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! Is anyone from Zwift listening??

I have tried reinstalling app several times but it does not seem to help.

I’ve been having the exact same issue. My rider (avatar) and all others flicker, but I can see their bikes, the road, etc. when they disappear. The “fix” I’ve identified is to cap frame rate at 60fps. Doesn’t matter the resolution. I’ve had the problem with a new 10700k desktop with an RTX 3070 and 120Hz TV at 4k, and a GTX 970 at 1080p @ 120Hz. Capping frame rates on either at 60FPS stops the flashing riders. Unfortunately, the whole reason I bought the (overkill!) RTX 3070 is to play Zwift at 4k 120Hz! And it does it just fine, with the exception of my rider and all other riders blinking furiously. Please fix this, Zwift.

Try installing the previous launcher, version 1.0.50. Fiver says the problem goes away.

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Just looking for answers and found this thread.

I have exactly the same problem, recently bought a new i7 Lenovo laptop with nvidia 1650 graphics to get a “better” experience than on my old Surface laptop.

But now although I get smooth framerate and hi res, my avatar and other riders are badly flickering! Sometimes very noticably, then almost nothing for a period of time and then flickering again - usually in the same places every lap.

So annoying I don’t really feel like using Zwift at the moment!

I have the same issue. Running on a maxed out Aurora R10 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080 and Samsung 49" gaming monitor. Reducing the refresh/frame rate to 60Hz (thanks @Mike_Jones6) on both PC and monitor fixed the issue. I also had to disable FreeSync on my monitor to get there. Am looking forward to this getting fixed in an update. The visual experience is fantastic, with the exception of the avatars.

Which launcher are you using?

The login window says 1.0.61590.
How do I get a previous version to test?

Nah that’s the game version. You’ll always be on the latest version of that. I’m referring to the launcher, the bit which sets the game going. It doesn’t update itself and doesn’t need to be on the latest version. Right-click on the Zwift icon in the system tray and you’ll see what version it is. I’m guessing 1.0.51.

I installed on my system (i7-7700k + 1080ti + Win10) and don’t have the older 1.0.50 launcher, just the latest 1.0.51 downloaded from Zwift. I found that flickering occurs whenever FPS goes north of 100FPS. So I turned off V-sync and limited FPS to 90 in the Nvidia control panel. So far no flickering and it runs smoother at 90 FPS vs 60 FPS with V-sync on.

Here in the UK I was having the same issue. I loaded up Nvida control panel and changed the refresh rate to 50Hz. This fixed the issue. I can easily prove it as I have 2 screens and if one is set to 60 and drag the Zwift screen across it flickers. What causes this I don’t know but the fix has been easy and annoying as I have been putting up with this for a couple of months…

You can try updating your computer’s graphics codecs. This seems to solve the flickering.

Same issue that suddenly appeared yesterday after years on the same setup. Turned off vsync and limited FPS to 55 (caping it to 90 didn’t solve the issue) for ZwiftApp.exe (not the launcher…) solved the issue.

On latest nvidia drivers 465.89, highest quality settings, GTX1060 and to my knowledge nothing has changed with my setup on Win8.1 x64. Launcher 1.0.52 and game 1.0.65416.

Rolling back the launcher will probably sort it.

I have a PC with 5i i5-10400F CPU and an RTX2060 6GB GPU running Windows 10.
The riders flash very quickly just once every few minutes, no continual flicker. It is so fast that if you blinked you would miss it. The surrounding graphics are not affected, just riders. I tried V-sync and frame rate limiting, all of which have made no difference. There is no problem with my internet connection. I have the latest Nvidia driver and Zwift is up to date.
It seems that something happens to cause Zwift to momentarily forget the positions of the riders?
It is very annoying!