Gaming PC Avatar Flicker

Hello, I am experiencing avatar flicker were all the riders including myself are flickering see through. The computer is brand new with intel i7, gtx 1660ti gpu, 8g of ram. I have been trouble shooting this issue. The computer and nvidia gpu are up to date. Zwift is running current version. I have tried different performance settings on the computer that didn’t help. The problem is extremely bad in 1080p and get better in the 4k setting. I have checked the log file in zwiftalizer and I get over 100 fps 1080p and 60+fps 4k. My internet connection is excellent even connected to the lan directly. Does anyone have suggestions or is this an issue with the current version.

For comparison I have a MacBook Pro M1 that runs high graphics detail at 1080p 45-60fps with out this issue annoying flicker

Is this happening all the time or when you are participating in group events?

All the time. Everything else in the graphics are perfect the whole body of the avatar flickers see through

In that case I’m at a loss. The hardware is capable. Have you tried dropping the in game quality from high to low to see what happens there. You should be able to have it on 1080p without issue.

There must be some form of slight incompatibility with your hardware and Zwift. Also try a different version of the drivers or some generic Windows drivers.

Thank You for the suggestion about the drivers. I went directly to Nvidias website and updated the driver for the gpu. Everything appears to be working. Ultra graphics are stunning.

This is nice to hear!